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Doc Phun - Isle, Minnesota (On the tropical shores of Lake Mille Lacs) USA 

About Me:  First and foremost I am a Navy vet and proud of it. I´ve seen allot of crap in my life, and know the meaning of living life to the fullest. I believe life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, maybe, Jose in one hand, ‘Uncle Bud’ in the other, body thoroughly used up, friends all around in the same or worse shape, a sense of accomplishment that may or may not have fulfilled all your dreams, but plenty of them, knowing you have spent your life with a hot woman, and totally worn out and screaming "WOO-HOO WHAT A RIDE, LETS GO AGAIN!"
Favorite Dive Gear
I love to dive naked! Ok, not in Minnesota in January - I love my DUI TLS350 dry-suit! And the Minnesota School of Diving rocks!
Favorite Dive Locations
The Cuyuna mine pits, Crosby, MN.! BIG MEAN FISH!
If the winds blowing I´m above the waves windsurfing. If not, it´s DIVE CITY BABY!
Having fun with the kids camping, fishing, windsurfing, diving for anchors with my honored and esteemed best friend, and in general, living life to it´s fullest without going to jail.
Favorite Music
I´m just an old time rocker. I love Led Zepplin, the Stones, Peter Frampton, Deep Purple, you know, the music that shaped and formed a crazy generation.
Favorite TV Shows
ER! But more recently (sorry kids) - Desperate Housewives!
Favorite Movies
I have two all time favorites: I can mouth the script to ´Star Gate´, and ´Down Periscope´. "Welcome Aboard!"
Favorite Books
Anything sci-fi or trashing (with vivid descriptions!)
Favorite Quotes
"Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds." - Einstein

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More Photos

Upside down ice crawling.
Upside down ice crawling.
Cutting through Minnesota ice to dive? WHAT´S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?
Cutting through Minnesota ice to dive? WHAT´S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?
Lake diving.
Lake diving.
Sweet ride!
Sweet ride!

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Sweet ride! Sweet ride!
Cutting through Minnesota ice to dive? WHAT´S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Cutting through Minnesota ice to dive? WHAT´S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?
Lake diving. Lake diving.

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