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Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  I´m a Public Safety Diver/Instructor with 28 years of diving experience and 21 years of instructing experience. I also dive CCR ( Megalodon) with over 2800 logged dives to date.Love to make new dive buddies, and meet other diving cops.
Favorite Dive Gear
Viking Drysuits, Interspiro Divator II FFM´s ( AGA´s), Megalodon CCR
Favorite Dive Locations
Vancouver Island, The East Coast, SCAPA FLOW, Newfoundland, and the Great Lakes
Diving, flying, travel
Law Enforcement, PSDiving, Instructing SCUBA, police history
Favorite Music
Country /western
Favorite TV Shows
The Sea Hunters, Cousteau Specials, COPS
Favorite Movies
Deep Blue Sea, Thunderball, Red Water, Sharkwater, The Deep, The Abyss
Favorite Books
By Clive Cussler
Favorite Quotes
Dive happy and I don´t mean narced!!!!

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im not sure where selkirk is but if its near vancouver let me know im looking for a dive buddie, you can check out my page on this site, im not that experianced but if you want to dive on a tuesday evening, im there
Written by Daniel on 10/21/2009
You need to find an outlet for your energy. Your everywhere
on 6/21/2009

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Have I forgotten anything????

Have I forgotten anything????
Before leaving for a recovery dive in 2003
Before leaving for a recovery dive in 2003

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Have I forgotten anything???? Have I forgotten anything????
Viking, AGA, I´m set to go, just add water!!! Viking, AGA, I´m set to go, just add water!!!

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