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DiverFelix at your service.
DiverFelix at your service.

Recovered stolen safe.
Recovered stolen safe.
Splash-down in Port Washington Narrows.
Splash-down in Port Washington Narrows.

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DiverFelix - Bremerton, WA USA 

About Me:  I´m a PADI Instructor, volunteer FF/EMT with Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue, a Search and Rescue Diver for Kitsap County DEM, a Port Security Specialist in the Coast Guard, and a booze pusher at the state liquor store in Silverdale. I keep a pretty full schedule and don´t get to dive as often as I´d like anymore but always welcome a chance to get wet.
Looking for Dive Buddies
Favorite Dive Gear
SCUBAPRO Novascotia 6.5 semi-dry (warmth without the bulk)
Favorite Dive Locations
Everywhere warm and clear but the Puget Sound is my back yard right now and will suffice. My favorite local dive is the Port Washington Narrows.
EMS responder, scuba diving, jeepin´, snowboarding
Women, photography, travel, camping, boating, beaches, bon fires, sparking up the grill, watching the sunrise, watching the sunset, and pretty much anything outdoors that goes on inbetween.
Favorite Music
Genre changes with mood. You play it, I can groove with it.
Favorite TV Shows
I enjoy watching the Discovery Channel and TruTV.
Favorite Movies
Into The Blue, The Deep, The Beach
Favorite Books
Don´t have time for books, magazines with lots of pictures are great though.
Favorite Quotes
"It´s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared". (Whitney Young Jr.)

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Splash-down in Port Washington Narrows.
Splash-down in Port Washington Narrows.

Recovered stolen safe.
Recovered stolen safe.

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