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My Status: I am leaving Saturday for a week on Cat Ppalu! Will be trying out my new GoPro, spring straps for my fins, and a new LED dive light. Cant wait!

Diver Steve - Franklin, TN USA 

About Me:  i´m a pretty laid back guy that simply loves to be outdoors. of couse the water is my first love, but anything not under a manmade roof always works for me. I began diving in 1979. I managed to get my padi/naui/ymca certifications for free by hauling tanks between the dive shop and the ymca where the classes were held. i finally had to go back and take some classes again just because none of my c-cards had any numbers on them...just my name and picture - which of course no longer looks anything like me! i finally got rid of my mae west and us divers regulator, and j-valve tank. Now all of my original equipment has been replaced. when we started diving, nobody really cared how many dives you had so logging wasn´t a big issue. you had to have 25 dives to keep your life insurance company happy. after that, nobody cared. now i wish i knew how many dives i logged back wife and two of my chilren are divers. my daughter is the most recent. that is her in the picture with the turtle in the foreground. this picture was taken during her second check-out dive. wow! the rest of us are all master can check out my pics at!
Favorite Dive Gear
Anything that gets me below the surface, let´s me swim around and then gets me back to the boat! I really like my ScubaPro KnightHawk BCD and Split Jet fins. I was using an AquaLung Titan LX reg that had been troublefree and very easy to breath. I won an Atomic Z2. It was hard to swap, but I am really glad that I did.
Favorite Dive Locations
I absolutely love Bonaire and Cozumel. So how much do we like Cozumel??? We´ve been 3 times in 2 years!!!
Being in TN, there aren´t many local diving options so when I have to be landlubber, then I love to ride my motorcycle (Yamaha V-Star 1300) and do some woodworking / woodturning.
Live music - almost anything if it is live - except opera! My wife & I are very active with Habitat for Humanity and also Mobile Loaves & Fishes as well.
Favorite Music
I´ve been a Jimmy Buffett fan for years! I also really like The Eagles and about anything with a tempo or that is easy to sing along with.
Favorite TV Shows
I don´t watch many TV shows. I don´t seem to set aside time in my schedule to watch the same shows each week. If I had to say just one, it would be Criminal Minds.
Favorite Movies
The entire Blue Planet series will always be my favorite, then any good action / suspense movie after that.
Favorite Books
I´ve read about all of the Clive Cussler books.
Favorite Quotes
A total stranger told me a long time ago that if you really want to enjoy a vacation, start by taking off your watch. I found out that I enjoyed that vacation so much that I rarely ever wear a watch now.
My Dive Bag
ScubaPro KnightHawk BCD (View product)
Atomic Z2 regulator (View product)
Gopro, HD HERO 2 Surf Edition High Definition Video and Underwater Camera (View product)

Diver Steve's Dive Slate

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Welcome to the Dive Slates! That seems like a long way to go, from Franklin to Irvine to catch a concert! But who am I to talk... seen him myself in Key West, the old Fox in Atlanta, was at that Irvine show myself (or one of the two) as well as a handful of other places. LOLLove the Manatee pic! Thanks for sharing!
Written by whoelsebutbob on 4/8/2011
Hi, options are found in the Caribbean, Cartagena, Colombia has one of the best diving areas in the south, with history along the way, you are welcome to dive here, let me know ahead of the time you arrive here, at least a couple months
Written by costeno on 3/31/2010

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Relaxin´ in Roatan
Relaxin´ in Roatan
There´s something special about swimming with the manatees!

There´s something special about swimming with the manatees!

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There´s something special about swimming with the manatees! There´s something special about swimming with the manatees!
My duaghter on her second check-out dive My duaghter on her second check-out dive
Relaxin´ in Roatan Relaxin´ in Roatan

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