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DiveDeep - Cleveland, OH USA 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  I have been diving for 6 years now and love it more and more.
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Scubapro Lady Hawk BC
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Poor Knights, New Zealand.
Diving and yoga mostly.
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Hi, am Ruth Sayidi hope you are in atmosphere of peace and love.It was very great to me when i found your profile in my searching for a responsible and reliable person to have a good friendship with and I fond a great spark in my heart despite that I have not seen you in person,but there was a feeling that really gave me a nice pleasure to communicate with you and see how the sun will shines like,am willing to be your friend and here is my email address which you can contact me( after that i promise to send you my picture in my next mail for u to know who i am, and how i looks like,Miss.Ruth(
Written by baby200 on 12/15/2011
hi .. good to have you as body diver..thinking to visit USA one day.. can we be bodies ?
Written by Jason2000 on 12/16/2010
Septemberfest in Cozumel with Deep Blue Adventures!
Written by DiveDeep on 7/28/2010
Possibly going to San Juan, Puerto Rico beginning of September.
Written by DiveDeep on 5/5/2010
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That sounds like fun. I´ve always had a curiosity what the diving might be like there! I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Written by whoelsebutbob on 5/7/2010
Sounds like a great trip!!! Thanks for sharing!
Written by whoelsebutbob on 4/30/2010
Most likley in Bonaire
Written by Jaques on 4/28/2010
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I´m planning a trip to Bonaire Aug. 21-28, 2010.
Written by DiveDeep on 5/14/2010
In New Zealand Octopuses, it is generally agreed, are the sneakiest, most awesome animals in existence. They have magical camouflaging abilities and can squeeze through teeny holes. The latest octopus rascality: stealing a diver´s video camera and shooting an undersea home movie.
Written by Let´sGoDiving on 4/21/2010
Did you get any advice on Cenotes. If not My two daughters and I dove a wonderful cenote called the Taj Ma Ha. Spelled that way. Very easy and enlightening with an added treat into an open to air cavern. It was $149 two tank dive and it included lunch at the best Fish Taco stand ever. Could dig up more info if your interested. There is a couple posts on You Tube about it.
Written by crewseer on 4/14/2010
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Haven´t received any Cenote advice. Will look into Taj Ma Ha.
Written by DiveDeep on 4/28/2010
Hi, if you like to dive around the world I am inviting you to see the first city in America, Santa Marta, at the foot of the tallest mountain in the tropic and a fortress build against the pirate´s attacks in Cartagena and dive along these two sites in the Colombian Caribbean, to do some spearfishing, photo, underwater video, wreck diving, etc., let me know the dates of your stay here to set you up and show you around, thanks
Written by costeno on 4/1/2010
Fantastic! Let me know what you think! It´s been quite some time since I´ve had the chance to visit Bonaire. Would love to hear how it´s going down there these days.
Written by whoelsebutbob on 3/30/2010

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Diving with Dive Tutukaka at Poor Knights.

Diving with Dive Tutukaka at Poor Knights.

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Diving with Dive Tutukaka at Poor Knights. Diving with Dive Tutukaka at Poor Knights.

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