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Deon - Hiawatha USA 

About Me:  I´m 33 and in eastern Iowa. I have only dove locally.
Favorite Dive Gear
Henderson Instadry, Oceanic
Favorite Dive Locations
Haigh Quarry
Scuba, Toyama Ryu
Korean history, Iai
Favorite Music
Nine Inch Nails, Bruce Springsteen
Favorite TV Shows
Scifi´s Battlestar Galactica, HBO´s Rome, Family Guy, History Channel: Dogfights
Favorite Movies
Grosse Pointe Blank, Sword in the Moon,Lord of the Rings, Sword of Doom, Tora Tora Tora, too many others to list
Favorite Books
Samurai Invasion: Japan´s Korean War 1592 -1598, Secrets of the Samurai, IAI: The Art Of Drawing The Sword
Favorite Quotes
"the dread of the tiger is so universal as to warrant the chinese proverbial saying the korean hunts the tiger one half of the year, and the tiger hunts the korean the other half", "i do not know the way to defeat others, only myself" {yagyu munenori}

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...anyways, hope some of this info has been helpful. BT
on 10/31/2008
Where the aga shines is its air circulation within the mask to prevent fog buildup. This is not an issue until you get to the mid-50s and below. The aga does not fog up in colder temperatures
on 10/31/2008
and comfortable fir. The Neptune equalization system in my opinion is superior to the rubber nose blocks used in the aga for equalization
on 10/31/2008
The real beauty of the neptune masks is their nose equalization system. You can you adjust the nose plugs for an effective
on 10/31/2008
You really have to wash the space mask with soap and warm water after a day of shore diving (which you should do anyway). The Neptune Nira feels a bit more durable than the Space with it´s long portruding nose. For what it´s worth, the Nira just looks cooler to me. But that portruding reg can get in the way as if you need to look at something on your may find your view blocked.
on 10/31/2008
To answer your question, I have a couple of Neptune Niras and a Neptune Space Mask. The Space is the newer type design with the smaller less portruding regulator than the Nira. The space also feels lighter and my personal opinion is that it breathes a little easier than the Nira. My only negative with the Space mask, as I am primarily a shore experience is that the regulator seems much more prone to leaks due to sand
on 10/31/2008
Been collecting FFMs for a very long time. Most people are into the Ocean Reefs or the Agas of which I have a few of each. The pros lean more towards the agas while the rec crowd tends more towards the Ocean reef. But the think the most important factor is how it fits your particular face. Definitely try before you buy if you can. But if you´re doing real cold waterdiving (less than 50 degrees) I´d go with an aga. I prefer my Ocean Reefs for my temperate to warm water dives. Hope that helps. BT
on 10/31/2008
Hi Deon, I was just at Haigh a couple of weekends ago. I posted a couple of pix from Bora Bora, I plan on going to Roatan Honduras next summer. Let me know what you think of the pix...SCUBA_Fish
Written by SCUBA_Fish on 10/17/2008

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