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CosmicSkeptic - Sudbury, Ontario Canada 

About Me:  Whoo hoo I am now an ACUC Openwater Instructor and a PADI divemaster!! I am considering advancing to the instructor levels. Rescue diver certified and as well have my night, deep,wreck,boat,peak performance bouyancy and equipment specialties thus far. have done ice diving as well!!
Favorite Dive Gear
Pretty much all of my stuff!
Favorite Dive Locations
My favourite dive location so far is definately Lake Huron Ontario. Clear water and a lot of wrecks to explore..but ya gotta like cool water.Enjoy this more than the tropical dives I have been on! Also there are several lakes within minutes of my home that my sons and I dive 3 to 4 times a week! We pretty much get in over 80 dives or more a year. Not bad for our neck of the woods...
I enjoy going to camp, making honkin´ big bon fires relaxing with a cold beer. My most favourite activity is diving with my two sons!
I have an open mind and enjoy many interests
Favorite Music
I have a very ecclectic taste in music...anything from musicals and showtunes to the old hard rock stuff but Oldies and Classic rock and Blues are my favourites.
Favorite TV Shows
Hmmmm, I don´t watch a lot of TV I do watch Kenny vs
Favorite Movies
Sci-fi and Zombie movies!!
Favorite Books
Canadian Tire catalog!
Favorite Quotes
It is a blessing and a curse to be me!!

CosmicSkeptic's Dive Slate

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You also are very impressive with all your diving experiences and best of all you get to do things with your son! :{}
Written by Blackheart on 10/26/2010
Thank you for the nice words. :)
Written by Blackheart on 10/26/2010
Congrats on the classes!!!
Written by whoelsebutbob on 10/23/2010
So, Feb´s over. Did you get to do the mine? One of the instructors here at used to work there and would love to hear your thoughts and impression. Get any pics?
Written by whoelsebutbob on 3/27/2010
Thanks for the post Capt B. In Feburary I am taking myself and my two sons to Bonne Terre just outside St Louis to dive ´´The Mine´´ We are really looking forward to that dive!
Written by CosmicSkeptic on 12/15/2009
Fantastic with your training. Nothing like doing someting different under the water. What a different slice of life. What dive are you doing next?
Written by Capt B on 12/11/2009

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