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whoelsebutbob in Born in Portland, Oregon. Living in Huntington Beach, Ca., USA
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I do an annual mini season for lobster in Florida. I am all over the country due to my job preference, but my daughter lives in FL and likes diving.

Cosmic Ray - Homestead Florida USA 

About Me:  I have been diving with compressed air since 1964 and I am ashamed to admit that I am not PADI certified. I can not recommend my lifestyle at diving to newbies, but I do recommend that they attend and graduate a certified course. I used to dive with an old converted CO2 tank/J-valve and dual Navy Regulator hoses. Diving is only more Tech. advanced, but not more desired. Witnessing a coral bloom in Bimini waters at night is confusing and wonderful at the same time.
Favorite Dive Gear
My favorite dive gear is a dry snorkel.
Favorite Dive Locations
Blue grotto baseball compound, Guantanamo Bay Cuba(Jewfish to 7 foot long, if you are so blessed to dive that area as I was when in the Navy in 1967. Crocker Reef in the Fla Keys is next for the annual grouper spawn in 90 ft during mid August. If anyone gets the opportunity to dive Christiansted St. Croix, WOW....Blue MOKA in the surf...more lobster in 90 foot than you can imagine, American Eels galore (a smoked delicacy there) and some of the most crystal clear water that you can imagine.
Fishing, Diving, Pool, chess, poker and technically expressing PRO nuclear power plant operating procedures.
All sciences, mathematics and interstellar space exploration. The existence of Giant Squid and the Colossal Squid are already proven. The jury is still out on the Megaladon shark. Who knows, there is much more water on planet than land.
Favorite Music
I like James Taylor, Carly Simon, Pat Bannatar, some of the Beatles stuff, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd and of course the Stones.
Favorite TV Shows
Boardwalk Empire, Shark Week, Pit masters BBQ Championships, Squawk on the Street, Mad Money, The O´Reilly Factor, The Daily Show
Favorite Movies
The Great Escape, Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments, The Out-Of-Towners,
Favorite Books
The Hunt For Red October, Into the Wild, Move Over China...We are Still Better.
Favorite Quotes
"Ask Not what your country can do for you, but ask what YOU can do for your country."

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