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My Status: Iam still diving! - toms river USA 

About Me:  diving since 1967
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any place in new jersey
diving for the point pleasant first aid dive team
finding and recovering anything
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60´s rock
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just dive!'s Dive Slate

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Bob, You got it, Ill send right now. Enjoy chet
Written by on 8/29/2013
hey chet! we were cleaning out some old pics and accidentally d that pic from the polar bear plunge with the shark! my apologies, but if you still have it, wed love to see you resubmit it! bob
Written by whoelsebutbob on 8/28/2013
Thats great! Haha! Ive been in 20 degree air (and much colder) and in 35 degree water, but I cant imagine combining them in a bathing suit. LOL I think Ill live vicariously though them on that one.
Written by whoelsebutbob on 8/10/2013
BobThese are members of the point pleasant first aid dive team, yes we do get to do a lot of fun stuff. The shark picture is from the polar bear plunge that we covered as safety divers for many years. The shark was part of a costume and was going down and we had to go in to save it. The guy who owned it was just too cold to hang on to it. You see the plunge was held in feb and the swimmers are in just swim suits, it was to raise money. The air temp that day was 20 and the water was 34, that why all the divers are in dry suits. It did make for a funny picture!
Written by on 8/2/2013
Hi Chet! How about some info on that team of guys with the shark pic! More fodder for our Facebook page! Haha. You and your crew always seem to be finding some interesting dives to do!
Written by whoelsebutbob on 8/2/2013
dive teams first dive of the year 2013, was not the what the you call a good dive with a water temp of 43 and 0-1 foot of vis
Written by on 1/4/2013
started 2011 with a new years day dive.water temp37,10 feet of vis.
Written by on 1/3/2011
Hi, if you like to dive around the world I am inviting you to see the first city in America, Santa Marta, at the foot of the tallest mountain in the tropic and a fortress build against the pirate´s attacks in Cartagena and dive along these two sites in the Colombian Caribbean, to do some spearfishing, photo, underwater video, wreck diving, etc., let me know the dates of your stay here to set you up and show you around, thanks
Written by costeno on 4/4/2010
Love the pics. A NJ Manatee rescue? Really?
Written by whoelsebutbob on 3/26/2010
Yes, in fact it was a Royal Aquamaster made by some outfit called US Divers. And we dove with mask, fins, tank w/´´J´´ valve, tank straps, regulator and swim trunks!Anything else was er, uh, welll, ´´Less than Masculine´´!!! It´s a wonder we survived!Rock
on 3/23/2010
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The Royal Aquamaster was top of the line. I imagine yours had the square name plate with the crown. Seems like the round ´´sticker´´ logo on the RAM came in around 1970. What a great era to be diving!
Written by Let´sGoDiving on 3/23/2010

More Photos

dive team recovered ring lost at coast guard base.

dive team recovered ring lost at coast guard base.
point pleasant first aid dive team, these guys recoved 2116lbs of sinkers. Then sold them back...

point pleasant first aid dive team, these guys recoved 2116lbs of sinkers. Then sold them back...
that´s a long walk!

that´s a long walk!
Just some of the guys

Just some of the guys

beach exit

beach exit
says who

says who

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underwater pumpkin carving

underwater pumpkin carving:  

the flag

the flag: new jersey

lindas goodies from a bottle dive

lindas goodies from a bottle dive: New Jersey

air temp 27/water temp 35

air temp 27/water temp 35: New J ersey

icehole divers

icehole divers: dive teams new ice divers

what current!

what current!: delaware river drift dive

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do see now: new jersey

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who needs vis: Manasquan inlet, NJ


shark: new jersey


fish: newjerseyt

free food

free food: new jersey

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duel wrecks: new jersey

more sandy debris

more sandy debris: point pleasant

the dive teams navy

the dive teams navy: new jersey

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My Logbook Contest Entries

point pleasant beach NJ
9/23/2013 10:31:44 AM
spider: Diving at a spot I have been diving for over 30 years, finding a baggage tag from long ago rail road days and the tag is from my home towne 60 miles away
linden, nj
12/5/2009 7:58:42 PM
spider: working with the marine mamal stranding center to rescue a mamatee that got trapped in new jersey, and getting to feed the manatee by hand. You can see the rescue on youtube. Look for llya the manatee rescue
manasquan inlet/nj
3/26/2009 5:55:33 PM
spider: after finding four gold rings in the inlet last year, how can I top that. Start out the year finding a mens gold diamond ring. It’s good to be a diver!!
manasquan inlet
12/25/2008 3:55:38 PM
spider: What a great year for diving the inlet, started the year off finding three gold ring. Never thinking i would finish off the year finding another one. But there it was just sitting on the bottom waitting me! It’s good to be a diver!
manasquan inlet
1/4/2008 9:28:25 AM
spider: found a womans wallet on the dive, and turned it over to the police. as the officer was returning to the station with the wallet, a woman was in the station reporting it lost. The wallet beat the woman to station.( happy ending)
off the jersey shore
4/27/2007 8:41:43 PM
spider: searching for two missing fishing men, on a sunken fishing boat, and finding both of them in the engine room!
wreck of the delaware
8/5/2006 6:39:11 PM
chet nesley: doing a free accent from the wreck and having a school of sand tiger shark follw me up!!!!
wreck of alex mac
8/5/2006 6:35:58 PM
chet nesley: recovered the body of two fishermen who went down with the boat after it was hit by a tug boat.

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