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chebudiver - Moscow Русские Федерации 

About Me:  about myselfdraw know since childhood. remember, in school years i was constantly forced to paint a wall newspaper. draw them it was necessary to somehow during the lessons, so i often removed from most of these lessons, and i spent the whole day in the pioneers ´ room, delaying the process of creating a masterpiece of awareness-preventive poster. i even won some muddy moscow olympic games on the drawing. mom and dad tried to give me in изошколу regional scale, where i went a couple of times then there was still some hud.uchilische, but even there i didn´t stay. in general, studies on the pattern was not to my liking. in the nineties the музолимпе appeared a group of «kar-men», i became her fan, and in the ninety-third, if the memory does not fail me, i drew a pencil drawings with the superposition of two-three images of each other, so to say, the first pencil 3d. by the way, they are still in soloist of the group sergey lemokh, which was very nice, and i presented it to him at a concert years since the nineteen ago. and their first steps in airbrushing i started only five years ago. at my request, on my birthday gift kit for airbrushing, which i had gathered. so, for long evenings, step-by-step and самообучался this art. i hard a self-taught!i am very fond of the man. once in a conversation with an acquaintance, i was surprised at the number of hobbies, which i do..... almost at the same time. one of my latest hobbies is diving, it´s me for a long time beckoned to their network. now, in december 2012 i sank to the seabed and «sick» of the case. slow but sure i´m going to become an instructor and transfer their knowledge to others. i am fond of: металлопоиском (treasure hunting) fishing underwater hunting i love to ski and bike jumping with a parachute and studied oriental martial arts for twenty years i am engaged in fitness, i love and know how to cook i adore nature and everything connected with it. in the nearest plans are to learn to ride on rollers and beat a tattoo.don´t like to do something bad, it is better not to do at all!i´m dima savkin
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Every person is worthy of respect, if only he does not consider himself better than others.

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