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Captain Dann - Kansas City, Kansas now Sunrise Beach, Missouri - USA USA 

About Me:  SDI Certified Open Water Diver
Looking for Dive Buddies
Favorite Dive Gear
Aqua Lung Legend LX ACD
Favorite Dive Locations
Florida Keys, Cozumel
Diving, Sailing, Photography, Videography, Music, Independent Recording Engineer / Producer
Politics, Diving, Sailing, Offshore Powerboat Racing, Photography, Videography, Films, Music, Grilling
Favorite Music
All as long as it is good. Do not consider Rap music, will give it poetry but not music
Favorite TV Shows
Not a big fan of Broadcast TV
Favorite Movies
Casablanca, Lord of The Rings, To Have And To Have Not, The Old Man And The Sea, The Maltese Falcon, the old B&W classics, Bogart films, Stacy Films, Hepburn films, The Thin Man, Kingdom Of Heaven ect.
Favorite Books
Tom Clancy, Stephen King, History
Favorite Quotes
"Once a man assumes a public resposibility, he must consider himself public property." - Thomas Jefferson, "Sunset is an angel weeping holding out a bloody sword. No matter how I squint I cannot make out what it´s pointing towards. Sometimes you feel like you´ve lived too long. The days drip slowly on the page. And you catch yourself pacing the cage." - Jimmy Buffett "I ate the last mango in paris. Took the last plane out of Saigon. Took the first fast boat to China. And Jimmy there´s still so much to be done." - Jimmy Buffett

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