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BT - Orange County, California USA 

About Me:  Dedicated Shore Diver! I do a lot of dive travel, but locally, I mostly dive the Laguna Beach area and Catalina Island in Southern California. Always looking for more dive-buddies!
Favorite Dive Gear
Full Face Mask with comms.
Favorite Dive Locations
Shaw´s Cove, Dead Man´s Reef, Avalon, Malibu
Travel Scuba
Favorite Music
Favorite TV Shows
True Blood / Man vs. Wild
Favorite Movies
Favorite Books
Non-Fiction & How-to manuals
Favorite Quotes
"The first step to true knowledge is the acceptance that you know nothing on a particular subject"

BT's Dive Slate

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Diving Sunday March 4, 2012 with Labue to Deadmans Reef. Im giving the briefing at 8:30amin front of the facilities at the bottom of the steps at South Crescent Bay. All are welcome to join us! Bryant
Written by BT on 3/2/2012
Dove shaws cove instead on sat, it was fun. Decent viz
Written by C on 7/27/2010
Its all paved now, with a snack shack( that i never see open), restrooms and a shower.
Written by C on 7/23/2010
Hey new to site, wondering if you ever dive old marine land?
on 7/22/2010
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Wow. Not been in the water there in probably 7 or 8 years. My most vivid memory there is how it seems SO nice walking down... and like scaling Mt. Everest coming back up. LOL
Written by whoelsebutbob on 7/23/2010
Good luck at DC. Willprobably dive Laguna when when backin town next week.
Written by BT on 7/23/2010
It´s really the only dive site I know, its nice with the resort there now. heading to Divers Cove for the first time tomorrow.
on 7/23/2010
Haven´t been there in ages. You been there lately?
Written by BT on 7/23/2010
sounds good man, take care!
Written by Roz on 4/7/2009
You teaching?
Written by BT on 3/26/2009
I wish! Not yet, working on my commercial hours before I do it. It´s my dream. I´m saving for the ses rating instruction for Kenmore Air since they are the largest US commercial operator of floats. With my rotory and fixed time I should be able to qualify for a job someday.
Written by Roz on 3/26/2009
sounds good!
Written by Roz on 2/10/2009
Whats up man? just sitting here at work wishing I was diving
Written by Roz on 2/9/2009
Hello BT, try Puerto Galera in Mindoro and of course Coron Palawan, also Tubbataha Reef- kindly google it to get an idea about the sites!Dive on!Pinaydiver75
Written by Pinaydiver75 on 2/6/2009
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Just back from Puerto Galera & Palawan. A million thanks for the tips!
Written by BT on 3/13/2010

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