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Bob - Brick Township USA 

About Me:  I started diving in july of 2007 after a guy I work with got me into it. I had always been interested but never had any one to really help me get into it.
Favorite Dive Gear
I´ve used Posiedon,Scuba pro and dive rite mostly, so favorite would probably have to be my Dive Rite harness and wing.
Favorite Dive Locations
The Ocean off NJ
diving, school radio station
Diving, performance cars
Favorite Music
Mostly Rap
Favorite TV Shows
NCIS, House
Favorite Movies
SAW series
Favorite Books
Tom Clancey novels
Favorite Quotes
Guns kill people like spoons made Rosie O´donnel fat.

Bob's Dive Slate

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That all sounds fantastic! Keep me posted on how it works!
Written by whoelsebutbob on 4/10/2010
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After a few months of delay, troubleshooting, and redesign. The light is probably about month or so away from being offered for sale. Today it passed pressure tests equivalent to 240´ or so. I´m more than confident it can handle at least 150 psi or 300+ feet underwater. The second prototype was finished yesterday and ready for diving!
Written by Bob on 8/15/2010
Ouch! That sounds incredibly painful! Sorry you had to go through that. You mentioned working on a protype dive light. I´d love to hear more about it, if you care to share. Understand if you can´t. Secrecy in development and all.
Written by whoelsebutbob on 4/9/2010
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So the prototype is officially finished, had a few issues, and a redesign for the final design. But the prototype works well. Pressure tested to the equivalent of about 250´ feet. The design should be sufficient for the light head of well over 300´ as there will be limited air inside the light itself.4 brightness levels, user changable during the dive with the press of a button. No more blinding light when trying to check guages simply push the brightness button to check guages, then press again for more light.The brightness preset levels will also be user changable using a usb adapter.Burn time with different brightness levels will range from about 4 hours on full power to about 8 hours at half power and even higher on lower settings.
Written by Bob on 6/9/2010
It´s almost finished, have to machine a few more peices and assemble the circuit board. But it´ll be 2000+ lumen on full brightnetss, variable brightness, battery should last around 4 hours full bright, around 6-8 hours on different settings. With an aluminum body. Will be a bit cheaper than other canister style lights. There are parts that I didn´t go into detail about and a few features that I left out. I should have this one finished and tested by the end of the month. And ready for production by the begining of May.
Written by Bob on 4/10/2010
Love the quote. LOL Had the chance to get into the water and enjoy more diving since your last visit to your Dive Slate?
Written by whoelsebutbob on 4/3/2010
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In the spring of ´08 I ruptured an ear drum while at work, which prevented me from diving until the summer of ´09. I did manage a few dives last summer but not too many due to weather/water conditions. This summer i´m planning on continueing my pursiut of certifications and diving some more. I am also currently working on a 2400 lumen prototype dive light for me to use this summer and test out.
Written by Bob on 4/5/2010

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