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Margarita Vill Jamaica, Montego Bay Dec 2009
Margarita Vill Jamaica, Montego Bay Dec 2009

Good-Bye Jamaica
Good-Bye Jamaica
Tags: jamaica, night lights

Cozumel,Mexico at a local restaurant at the Port of Cozumel.
Cozumel,Mexico at a local restaurant at the Port of Cozumel.
Tags: awesome, bathtub, beach, bizarre, caribbean, cool, deck, fun, love, mexico, night, summer, sunset, unique location, water

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Blackheart - Oceanside, Ca USA 

About Me:  I was born in Oceanside, Ca, I have always had an interest in Photography, Audio Recording, and other ways of recoding those certain moments besides holiday´s and Birthdays, So I went back to school and now have several 11 Degree´s but who´s counting, Digital Photography, Audio Engineering, Multimedia Production & Graphic Design, Video & Animation, Sound Reinforcement, Digital Audio, Recording Arts Etc..
Favorite Dive Gear
Underwater Camera Go Pro Surf Hero Pro Wide angel 170 degrees, 180 ft depth. very reasonable priced and very good camera for diving, snorkeling, off roading on auto or bicycle or even skydiving check it out at watch the video of live action films from people who have used the camera even mounted to there surfboard yes mounted to there surfboard, car, bicycle, snowboards, skiing, just about anywhere you can even video upside down and play back right side up!!!! Check this camera out!
Favorite Dive Locations
Caribbean all of it, Western Caribbean - Cozumel, Mexico, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Grand Caymen Islands, Eastern Caribbean - Half Moon Cay, Bahamas, St. Thomas-US Virgin Islands, San Juan-Puerto Rico,Grand Turk & Caicos Islands.
Traveling, Photography, Videotography, Audio Recording, Building old 60´s car´s, Being Creative!
Graphic Design, Photography - Digital & B&W Film, Audio Recording, Videography, Animation,Traveling, Learning new things, Classic Auto´s.
Favorite Music
I enjoy several different kinds of music country, pop, classical, dance, rap, NOT in to heavy metal.
Favorite TV Shows
Ghost Whisper, MASH, Travel Channel, Man VS Food, King Of Queens, Tool Time, Everybody Loves Raymond, Musters, Adams Family, List goes on.
Favorite Movies
MASH, Practical Magic, Hope Floats, Friday, Mirror Has Two Faces, Hello Dolly,Coyote Ugly, Stripes, In The Army Now, Mr. Deeds, Instinct, Drum Line, Shawshank Redemption, Bruce Almighty, My Cousin Vinny, Mrs. Congeniality, Babe´s Kids, Mr. Incredible, Cars, Rush Hour, Shrek, Pirate´s of The Caribbean, Robin Hood, Major Payne, Are We There Yet, Bringing Down The House, Independence Day, Road House, Too Won Foo, GI Jane, Striptease, Boat Trip, Mask ( Jim Carey), Mask (Cher), Only You, Moonstruck, Liar-Liar, Bad Boys, Lethal Weapon, Overboard, Wild Cats, What Dreams May Come, RV, Mrs.Doubtfire, Aladdin, Wild Hogs, Paycheck, Maverick, Tombstone, Adams Family, Chicago, The List Just Goes On & On.
Favorite Books
To busy to sit and read
Favorite Quotes
He´s to it and from it and to it again, If I don´t get to it to do it, I´ll never get to it to do it again.

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Cozumel,Mexico at a local restaurant at the Port of Cozumel.
Cozumel,Mexico at a local restaurant at the Port of Cozumel.

Good-Bye Jamaica
Good-Bye Jamaica

Margarita Vill Jamaica, Montego Bay Dec 2009
Margarita Vill Jamaica, Montego Bay Dec 2009

Jamaica Water Play Ground- Margarita Vill
Jamaica Water Play Ground- Margarita Vill

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