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Big Nate - Jay, FL USA 

About Me:  Living near Pensacola, FL, currently building a 30ft Scarab (purpose built dive boat) with my brother and getting an associates in Culinary to better learn how to cook the fish we get.
Favorite Dive Gear
Scuba Pro - Regs and BCs Aqualung - Mask and dive Fins JBL - Spearguns and free dive fins
Favorite Dive Locations
The Florida Panhandle and the Florida Keys
Spearfishing, free diving, writing and recording songs about diving, spearfishing, and lobster.
Favorite Music
Pretty much everything apart from mainstream rap and techno. Lately its been Alkaline Trio and Jim Morris.
Favorite TV Shows
Easily Speargun Hunter and County Brisco Jr (i know its old, but its a classic and a good one at that)
Favorite Movies
Im just going to put SHARKWATER, because i think anyone who dives should check that movie out.Directed/Filmed by Rob Stewart
Favorite Books
Cannonball Run, On the Shoulders of Giants, and Demon in My View
Favorite Quotes
"I was like *bubbles* and you were like *bubbles* and were both *bubbles* man that was a big fish." -A convo betweem me and my brother after spearing our fist amberjacks

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