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My Status: New to the sport of scuba but a lifetime lover of the sea.

Ashley - Richmond USA 

About Me:  Mermaid
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Looking for it.
Being outside
Everything outdoors, , photography,.
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All of it
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Not sure
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House of Leaves
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dont have any.
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Oh thats a nice camera :), Yep they do make and they have one for D5200, Ikelite I mean. I went for Ikelite cause it was the cheapest of the housings, the only disadvantage of it is that its heavier on land as compared to other housings which are lighter but very expensive to buy. As of now I have been to the Andaman and Lakshadweep Islands in India and to Maldives, I mostly prefer warm waters with great visibility cause for Underwater photography You need good visibility. I want to dive in Indonesia, Cayman Islands, Bonair, Great barrier reef and the Red Sea. What about You ? Where would You like to dive ? Also where have You gone diving till now ?
Written by Orca on 6/15/2014
I Am a freelance Wildlife photographer too :), But recently have decided to completely concentrate on underwater photography, Yes good equipment is pricey, thats true, I use a Nikon D300 in Ikelite housing and use 2 strobes of the same brand, Its a great feeling to capture what You see underwater :) Which camera are You using now for doing land photography ?
Written by Orca on 6/13/2014
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I have a Nikon D5200 I had no idea that ikelite make a housing that would fit. Where do you like to dive at the most?
Written by Ashley on 6/14/2014
Hello Ashley :), Are You planning to go for Underwater photography ? What kind of photography do You do ? If You dont mind Me asking that is
Written by Orca on 6/13/2014
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I am a freelance photographer. Mostly nature and animals. I would love to do underwater film and photo but the good equipment is super pricey. So i plan to dable in it a little.
Written by Ashley on 6/13/2014

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