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My Status: Returned from Bonaire. 10 days of diving, diving and more diving. Resort was great, water perfect and my new camera worked fine.

Art - Caracas Venezuela 

Looking for Dive Buddies About Me:  DIving since 89. Looking to get into the Tec world.
Favorite Dive Gear
Oceanic Delta 4.2, Oceanic Pioneer Mask, Oceanic OC1 Computer, Zeagle Tec BC´s, ScubaPro Jetfins.
Favorite Dive Locations
Aruba, Catia La Mar, Key West, Dominican Republic.
Diving, uh, is there anything else?
History, the sea and work.
Favorite Music
Johnny Cash to Led Zep!
Favorite TV Shows
Sea Hunt, old and hard to find though!
Favorite Movies
Run Silent Run Deep, Outlaw Josey Wells, The Searchers, The Abyss (great gear in that one).
Favorite Books
To Have and Have Not, Hunt for Red October.
Favorite Quotes
A former boss - "Man battle stations missile"Navy Chief - "4 degree down bubble"
My Dive Bag
Oceanic, Delta 4.2 /FDX-10 Scuba Regulator with Dry Valve Technology. (View product)
Oceanic, 1mm Ultra Jumpsuit / Wetsuit (View product)
Zeagle Express Tech BCD (View product)
oceanic, oc1 air / nitrox hoseless titanium ��pioneer limited edition�� computer dive watch (View product)
Oceanic, Ultra Clear Pioneer Scuba Dive Mask (View product)
Sealife Mini II Digital Camera (View product)

Art's Dive Slate

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Need advice! I put a 32GB card in my Sealife Mini II, it seems to work fine. An 8GB is recommended, am I asking for trouble?
Written by Art on 12/17/2011

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