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Aqualung regulator. Ladyhawk BC,Suunto dive computer and trusty Oceanic compass
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Aruba, Barbados, St Thomas and St. Maartin
Wreck/reef diving
Diving, boating, fishing
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Jazz, R&B, contemporary
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Frasier, Letterman,
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hehe.. looking forward to it!! 8^)
Written by Kahu on 7/20/2009
Thanks a heap Kahu I will start looking into both, and I will IM ya when I get dates and maybe we can both do some dives together. The least I can do is buy dinner when I´m in town.
Written by SCUBA_Fish on 7/20/2009
dang... stcroixscuba(dot)com... not scube... whew.. got a little frustrating there.. 8^)
Written by Kahu on 7/20/2009
okay.. it´s the url´s it thinks are inappropriate???S.C.U.B.A. and Dive Experience... stcroixscube(dot)com and divexp(dot)com
Written by Kahu on 7/20/2009
I´m trying to put in their names or URLs but keeps telling me I´m using inappropriate language... argh... keep re-writing...
Written by Kahu on 7/20/2009
I hang with two outfits mostly. They should either have dive packages to cover everything you need for the trip, or some good referrals I´m sure. I like diving both sides, shallow and deep, wrecks and pier, walls and flats. Whatever you like, the operators are pretty accommodating. I came down from eastern Kentucky so I´m not far from your neighborhood. And there´s always shore dives in a few places for cutting costs without cutting dives. 8^)
Written by Kahu on 7/20/2009
Nope...I haven´t started planning it yet, I was in St Thomas in May and really enjoyed the diving, I live in Indianapolis and I´m trying to plan my winter get aways. STX just seems like a good place to do that. Do you have any suggestions?
Written by SCUBA_Fish on 7/20/2009
STX is much more laid back than STT. It´s bigger landmass (tectonic not volcanic like the other islands) but with the same approx population so less folks per acre. You´ve got the northshore and west end. Pier and wrecks at the west end, lot of wall and stuff along the north side. When you coming? It´s off-season right now. You have a dive shop and/or accommodations in mind?
Written by Kahu on 7/20/2009
I am planning on a few trips to the BVI and St Croix Would greatly appreciate any recommendations that you may want to pass on, I just got back from that was a lot of fun.
Written by SCUBA_Fish on 7/20/2009
Cool beans.. thanks... I´ll see if I can find the mag (I should have a subscription but haven´t seen it lately.. hmmm)...
Written by Kahu on 7/17/2009

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