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Hamada in Cairo , Hurghada , Sharm Elshiekh , Dahab, Egypt
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An American Bedouin
An American Bedouin
Tags: adventurous, unique location

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Amyzengrace - wherever I am/ Jordan 

About Me:  I´ve been living and working in Amman,Jordan for the past 8 years, occasionally making it down to Aqaba to dive there. I´ve been diving for 28 years, having learned to dive in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. I have dived all over the world, but after Saudi Arabia, it´s been pretty much down hill. Now I write about marine ecosystem preservation vs. economic development issues locally, working with the Royal Marine Conservation Society on awareness issues.
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Favorite Dive Gear
My Scubatoys web backpack
Favorite Dive Locations
Saudi Red Sea, Ochos Rios-Jamaica, Pulau Redang-Malaysia,Grand Cayman, Bonaire, Bali, Phuket, Aqaba, Fury Shoals-Egypt
Cardio, pilates, writing, reading, working, Internet
marine ecology, coral properties, sustainable ecotourism, travel, travel, travel
Favorite Music
Depends on my mood
Favorite TV Shows
No favorites
Favorite Movies
The Hunt for Red October
Favorite Books
Atlas Shrugged
Favorite Quotes
"Any fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction." Albert Einstein

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