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U.S. Divers does not allow their products shipped? U.S. Divers only allows their authorized dealers to sell their products ´´over the counter´´; if you have a U.S. Divers product shipped to you the manufacturer will void the warranty. This is not our policy – this is U.S. Divers policy.

What does this mean to you? You will not get the benefit of parts and/or service that a warranty provides, which means that you will be paying out of pocket for all aspects of servicing; and most importantly...

In the event of recall of any product that you buy, the manufacturer will not be able to contact you to get the products serviced properly for safety. This could result in injury or death.

Warning: Leisure Pro is NOT an authorized U.S. Divers dealer

U.S. Divers does not sell or provide products to Leisure Pro. U.S. Divers does not plan to sell, nor have they authorized any of their global authorized distributors, dealers or other customers to sell U.S. Divers products to Leisure Pro. U.S. Divers considers any Aqua Lung, Sea Quest, Apeks or Suunto products sold through Leisure Pro to be “Gray Market” goods.

Gray Market goods are distributed in the United States without U.S. Divers authorization, and may place the consumer at risk. U.S. Divers does not support or provide warranty services for products purchased through Leisure Pro since they cannot determine if the product is new, damaged or used. You should be warned that consumers who have bought U.S. Divers products from Leisure Pro in the past have found out after their purchase that certain rights to warranties and other value added support benefits could not be obtained.

Read more on the official U.S. Divers/Aqua Lung Dealer Website

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