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TUSA TUL-300 L.E.D. Light Reviews
TUL-300 L.E.D. Light
TUSA TUL-300 L.E.D. Light Review - $78.99 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - This gets 5 stars because it does exactly what the description stated. If I wanted a brighter/duller light, with more/less EV and larger /smaller beam diameter, then I would have gotten a different light. Very, very bright light which is more than I expected. Water seal is very good. It has some heft to it out of the water, solid construction, possible self defense weapon (=P). Be sure to keep it...

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TUSA X-Pert II Stainless Steel Knife Reviews
X-Pert II Stainless Steel Knife
Right Balance - This is the best knife I have owned in 30 some years of diving. It is overall well made, comes apart for drying and rust proofing, has good cutting edges, and unlocks from the sheath easily. It is also a good size: large and stout enough to be a useful tool for solving problems, yet not so large as to be in the way. I use this knife for drysuit wreck diving. (I use a smaller BC knife for...

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TUSA TUL-1000 L.E.D. Light Reviews
TUL-1000 L.E.D. Light
Michael Farrell, Sr
Tusa TUL-1000 LED Dive Light - I havent have it in the water yet. But the light appears to give a good beam and the ability to change from wide to small beam is good. Three power settings. The size if great, small and light weight. Since I travel overseas alot this is a great feature since size and weight pay a factor in the gear I use. It was demo unit at a great price. Minor scratch but doesnt affect the function. ...

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TUSA Solla Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews
Solla Adjustable Strap Fins
TUSA Solla Adjustable Strap Fins Review - $99.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - 30 dives in fins TUSA with september - october. Good fins, but "Anatomic Fin Strap" do not good. If when diver swimming frog style, anatomic strap bends begin to rub blisters on the outside of the heel. After replacing the anatomic strap on a standart TUSA or springs gets good fins.
TUSA Liberator One Mask Reviews
Liberator One Mask
Richard K.
Liberator One mask, sound mask, but not as good as the Plus - This is truly an excellent mask, good quality silicon and fits me very well. Typical of TUSA quality in design and materials. Ive had a Tusa Liberator Plus mask for 20+ years and I was looking for that mask. I was told that the Liberator One was the same except for the available colors. Not quite the same actually. I must use prescription lenses. The Liberator One is OK, but more...

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TUSA Platina Mini 2 Gauge Console Reviews
Platina Mini 2 Gauge Console
Good Quality in an inexpensive package - I was a little surprised by the quality of the console. At this price I was ready to accept a little flimsiness or corners cut to keep the cost down. The gauges are easy to read (Im nearsighted) and the console seems pretty bulletproof. Its really slim and easy to keep tucked away and streamlined. Looks good, too, if you care about that sort of thing.
TUSA EZ Spring Fin Straps Reviews
EZ Spring Fin Straps
Peter Anthony
TUSA EZ Spring Fin Straps Review - $39.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Just used these spring straps, and couldnt be happier!! This was a great upgrade to the rubber straps for less money!! Very durable, kept my fins in place, and was extremely easy to remove
TUSA Freedom Film Anti-Fog Reviews
Freedom Film Anti-Fog
Anti-Fog works but doesnt fit - The Anti-fog film works but has to be cut to fit the mask and doesnt stick to the mask very well. It did however not fog up the first time in 21 dives on my trip. I used it in combinatin with anti-fog, also. Will buy again.
TUSA Roller Mesh Bag Reviews
Roller Mesh Bag
David W.
Thats how I roll..... - I really like the mesh for drip/air dry of the gear. Of course I rinse with fresh water when I get the gear home but in the meantime, plenty of ventilation. The best part is the roller feature. The first time I used it and was comfortably rolling all my gear (minus tanks and drysuit)down the dock to the boat, I was giddy. Anybody who has had to carry a heavy bag of dive gear will appreciate...

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TUSA X-Pert Zoom Z3 Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews
X-Pert Zoom Z3 Adjustable Strap Fins
TUSA X-Pert Zoom Z3 Adjustable Strap Fins Review - $128.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - These fins take a bit to get used to. I have used them for about 5 dives. I would highly recommend them to divers of all levels.
TUSA BCJ-3800, 5500 and 5900 Weight Pockets Reviews
BCJ-3800, 5500 and 5900 Weight Pockets
The right pouch for the pocket, make sure you "LOCK" them in. - The pouches were correct for the BC. The reason I needed to replace them in the first place was because I did not realize they needed to be "locked" in. The clips clicked in as if they were secure but as soon as I went upside down they fell out. This review wont be much help because you pretty much have to use the pouch your BC was made for. If I can prevent somebody from losing their...

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