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TUSA TUL-300 L.E.D. Light Reviews
TUL-300 L.E.D. Light
TUSA TUL-300 L.E.D. Light Review - $78.99 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - This gets 5 stars because it does exactly what the description stated. If I wanted a brighter/duller light, with more/less EV and larger /smaller beam diameter, then I would have gotten a different light. Very, very bright light which is more than I expected. Water seal is very good. It has some heft to it out of the water, solid construction, possible self defense weapon (=P). Be sure to keep it...

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TUSA Liberator One Mask Reviews
Liberator One Mask
Good Mask - I am a professional scientific diver and I purchased this prescription mask because of the +1 optics for each eye. I have about 12 hours dive time on it so far and I am able to view my gauges and compass and can read and write well underwater with it. It fits me very well and seems to be of fair quality. This is a low volume mask and many of these seem to have a tendency to hurt at that point on...

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TUSA Element II Air / Nitrox 3 Gauge Computer Console with Compass .. Reviews
Element II Air / Nitrox 3 Gauge Computer Console with Compass ..
TUSA Element II Air / Nitrox 3 Gauge Computer Console with Compass .. Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Nice compact design, but the compass bezel feels loose and flimsy. The buying process from Scuba.com was also disappointing. My purchase was delivered to the wrong address.
TUSA X-Pert II Stainless Steel Knife Reviews
X-Pert II Stainless Steel Knife
Right Balance - This is the best knife I have owned in 30 some years of diving. It is overall well made, comes apart for drying and rust proofing, has good cutting edges, and unlocks from the sheath easily. It is also a good size: large and stout enough to be a useful tool for solving problems, yet not so large as to be in the way. I use this knife for drysuit wreck diving. (I use a smaller BC knife for...

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TUSA Freedom Film Anti-Fog Reviews
Freedom Film Anti-Fog
Good idea, wish they worked longer - I put these on a brand new masked that I cleaned and it worked great. But about the third time you get any water in the mask they get dirty and fog slight as well but I could still see better than without them. Im giving them 3 stars because they are not easy to clean to keep them working like new.
TUSA Aqua Shoes Reviews
Aqua Shoes
Ken - Comfortable shoes
TUSA IQ-650 Element Air / Nitrox Computer Watch Reviews
IQ-650 Element Air / Nitrox Computer Watch
TUSA IQ-650 Element Air / Nitrox Computer Watch Review - $299.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - This dive computer is extremely easy to use. Though it only has one button, it is simple to navigate through the different settings and menus. the best feature is the ability for the owner to replace the battery without having to send it in to the factory for replacement. The strap is extremely long, but Im sure there are benefits to this that I am currently unaware of. Overall i am pleased...

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TUSA Solla Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews
Solla Adjustable Strap Fins
TUSA Solla Adjustable Strap Fins Review - $99.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - 30 dives in fins TUSA with september - october. Good fins, but "Anatomic Fin Strap" do not good. If when diver swimming frog style, anatomic strap bends begin to rub blisters on the outside of the heel. After replacing the anatomic strap on a standart TUSA or springs gets good fins.
TUSA Roller Mesh Bag Reviews
Roller Mesh Bag
TUSA Roller Mesh Bag Review - $109.99 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - very good product for the money.two hard wheels realy helping to move with ease all your gear.you can pack two gear sets with ease.over all very good buy
TUSA IQ-700/IQ-750 Computer Guard Reviews
IQ-700/IQ-750 Computer Guard
IQ 700 screen protector - A must have item to protect the computer screen. Cheap insurance policy for an expensive investment.
TUSA BCJ-3800, 5500 and 5900 Weight Pockets Reviews
BCJ-3800, 5500 and 5900 Weight Pockets
The right pouch for the pocket, make sure you "LOCK" them in. - The pouches were correct for the BC. The reason I needed to replace them in the first place was because I did not realize they needed to be "locked" in. The clips clicked in as if they were secure but as soon as I went upside down they fell out. This review wont be much help because you pretty much have to use the pouch your BC was made for. If I can prevent somebody from losing their...

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