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Submersible Systems

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Submersible Systems

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Submersible Systems began manufacturing the Spare Air in 1979, and still leads the industry in back-up emergency air solutions for a number of industries. Submersible Systems spare air devices, gauges, and accessories are tested in the most rigorous conditions, and are designed to work no matter what. Always dive safe with Submersible Systems.See more  

Submersible Systems

For 30 years, Submersible Systems has been manufacturing, assembling, and selling life-saving breathing systems worldwide from our factory in Huntington Beach (Orange County), California. Now, SSI is making all those years of expertise available to you. Submersible Systems is proud to display the Made in the USA symbol on our products.

Submersible Systems specializes in spare air solutions, manufacturing the best selling emergency breathing system in the world. Coming in normal and nitrox models, large and small sizes, and even models with military and aviation applications, Submersible Systems has a piece of equipment for all needs. They even design holsters, vests, and pouches to keep your spare bottles safe and in reach.

Submersible Systems also creates a number of diving accessories like refill adapters, travel packs, and even gauges for pony bottles and spare air devices.

Submersible Systems thinks diving is safe, but it can and should be made safer!See less  

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Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack

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Submersible Systems Spare Air Bottle Only Submersible Systems Spare Air Bottle Only

Eligible for Free Shipping on orders over $25

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Submersible Systems Mini Pressure Gauge For Spare Air Submersible Systems Mini Pressure Gauge For Spare Air
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Submersible Systems 1.7 Cubic Foot Air Xtreme Submersible Systems 1.7 Cubic Foot Air Xtreme
Starting at
Submersible Systems Spare Air Travel Pack Submersible Systems Spare Air Travel Pack
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Submersible Systems Fill Station Refill Adaptor Submersible Systems Fill Station Refill Adaptor

Eligible for Free Shipping on orders over $25

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Submersible Systems Covered Holster with Molle Attachment Submersible Systems Covered Holster with Molle Attachment
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Submersible Systems Neoprene Vest with Mouthpiece Cover Submersible Systems Neoprene Vest with Mouthpiece Cover
Starting at
Submersible Systems Heed 3 - Military Emergency Egress Device Submersible Systems Heed 3 - Military Emergency Egress Device
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Submersible Systems 1 Cubic Foot Air Xtreme Submersible Systems 1 Cubic Foot Air Xtreme
Starting at

Submersible Systems Scuba Gear Reviews

Image Product Rating

Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack Reviews

Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack Reviews

Reviewer: Adam F. on 7/12/2009

A few good more breathes - so my ssi dealer does not rate these very highly, as he says too many people rely on them in their dive. his quote "three breaths and your dead." my opinion is that is three breaths more to attract your dive buddys attention and hopefully get their assistance. if you dont treat it as an alternative air source and just as an emergency option, i think you should be ok. i filled the tank from my regular tank as you are suppose to and i saw about a 400 lb in pressure in my regular tank, which meant that i needed to get that tank topped up. the spare-air full indicator is a little pin that is flush with its enclosure when full. id prefer a gauge. i wanted to know how many breaths i would... View Full Review

Spare Air Pack

Submersible Systems Spare Air Travel Pack Reviews

Submersible Systems Spare Air Travel Pack Reviews

Reviewer: GIORGOS PLEVRAKIS on 12/30/2013

Simplifies your travel. - The kit simplifies the transportation of your spare air. It is good quality, transparrant with disassembling directions on it. It includes caps and spare O rings.

Spare Air Travel Pack

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