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St Moritz

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St Moritz

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St. Moritz Watch Corp. conceives, assembles, and repairs high-quality sport watches under the MOMENTUM brand. Today, they are a leader in the scuba market, with dealers and representatives all over the planet. Our steadfast line of titanium watches is becoming a must-have item with outdoor retailers everywhere. See more  

St. Moritz

St. Moritz began over 30 years ago, acting as representatives and distributors for some world-famous Swiss watch brands. St. Mortiz also produced a range of watches under their own brand and designed, produced, and serviced watches for a myriad of OEM clients. Their customer list includes some of the most well-known sports chains, catalog companies and car manufacturers in the world. They also make small run productions of custom-logo watches for numerous police, fire department, coast guard and military customers.

While most of the “guts” (components) in St. Moritz watches come either from Japan or Switzerland, they obtain parts from all over the world. It isn't strange to find one of their watches using a Japanese engine, Swiss lighting technology, an Indian dial and an deluxe band from Italia. Unusually for watches in this price category, final assembly and testing is done in-house, with each watch assembled to order. This allows St. Moritz to deliver the level of care and quality Momentum customers have come to expect.

Today, with offices, warehouse facilities and Service Centers in Canada, the USA and Europe, we continue to build our reputation for value, quality and service. Our company is a founder member of DEMA (the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association) and a member of the OIA (Outdoor Industries Association).

We continue to strive to put the best into our products, spending extra time on even the smallest details. If you wear a Momentum® watch, we hope our passion will help make your watch truly “a little out of the ordinary”…See less  

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St Moritz M1 Mini Dive Watch St Moritz M1 Mini Dive Watch
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St Moritz M1 Deep 6 Watch St Moritz M1 Deep 6 Watch
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St Moritz Momentum Atlas Titanium Watch St Moritz Momentum Atlas Titanium Watch
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St Moritz Deep 6 Vision Watch St Moritz Deep 6 Vision Watch

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St Moritz M1 Twist Watch St Moritz M1 Twist Watch
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St Moritz Cobalt V Titanium Mens Watch St Moritz Cobalt V Titanium Mens Watch
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St Moritz Cyclone Chrono Watch St Moritz Cyclone Chrono Watch
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St Moritz Stella Maris Womens Watch St Moritz Stella Maris Womens Watch
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St Moritz Square One Watch St Moritz Square One Watch
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St Moritz Scuba Gear Reviews

Image Product Rating

St Moritz M1 Deep 6 Watch Reviews

St Moritz M1 Deep 6 Watch Reviews

Reviewer: steven a. on 2/26/2010

Fanfreakentastic watch!!!! - M1 Deep 6 dive watch by St Moritz is a nice work horse for the money! I just recieved the watch and took it to Cozumel. It went as deep as 80 feet without any leaking issues and averaged 50-60 feet for 10 dives. The large face made reading bottom time very easy. I never had to shine a light to get any illumination on the sweep hands or numbers. But they do glow very brightly if needed. The screw down crown works very easily, and as usual you must take care so as not to cross thread. I never felt this to be an issue. It keeps accurate time. The rubber wrist strap was large enough to fit around my large wrist and a 3mm suit and looks like it has enough to go around a 7 mm suit. This... View Full Review

M1 Deep 6 Watch

St Moritz Momentum Atlas Titanium Watch Reviews

St Moritz Momentum Atlas Titanium Watch Reviews

Reviewer: Anthony Yarrow on 4/19/2008

Keep all the bells and whistles and just tell what time it is!!! - I needed a watch that I could read comfortablly with a divemask on, even in poor light conditions. It had to be waterproof, reliable, and durable. I cant read the date without my glasses, but they make calanders for that. It does what I wanted it to do, tell me the time.

Momentum Atlas Titanium Watch

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