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St Moritz M1 Deep 6 Watch
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St Moritz M1 Mini Dive Watch
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St Moritz Deep 6 Vision Watch
St Moritz Deep 6 Vision Watch

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St Moritz Scuba Gear Reviews

St Moritz M1 Mini Dive Watch Reviews
M1 Mini Dive Watch
St Moritz M1 Mini Dive Watch Review - $129.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I have had one of these watches for the last 10 years wearing it every day in or out of the water. It has been reliable and easy to dive with. I now want a new colour so I can a choice. Great product Maggie Australia
St Moritz M1 Deep 6 Watch Reviews
M1 Deep 6 Watch
Fanfreakentastic watch!!!! - M1 Deep 6 dive watch by St Moritz is a nice work horse for the money! I just recieved the watch and took it to Cozumel. It went as deep as 80 feet without any leaking issues and averaged 50-60 feet for 10 dives. The large face made reading bottom time very easy. I never had to shine a light to get any illumination on the sweep hands or numbers. But they do glow very brightly if needed. The...

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St Moritz Momentum Atlas Titanium Watch Reviews
Momentum Atlas Titanium Watch
Keep all the bells and whistles and just tell what time it is!!! - I needed a watch that I could read comfortablly with a divemask on, even in poor light conditions. It had to be waterproof, reliable, and durable. I cant read the date without my glasses, but they make calanders for that. It does what I wanted it to do, tell me the time.
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