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Snap Sights! was formed in 1995 as an offshoot of a company whose roots in the Photo Industry extended to 1982. The original two tiered business plan called for private label production of single use cameras for the Hotel Industry and city specific packaging of single use cameras that included maps and coupons. The ´´Snap Sights!´´ brand was created for the city specific program.

While developing the original business plans, we were asked to produce waterproof cameras for several clients and a whole new direction was born. In the mid 90´s, there were no low cost, high quality waterproof cameras available. Our design team created the first disposable camera that was waterproof to 30 feet and never looked back. Since that time, we have led the industry in development of this category..

Other firsts included: depths of 45, 75, 95 and 100 feet. First waterproof disposable camera with a flash. First waterproof disposable cameras with close up lens, color filter and flash diffuser. First preloaded, reusable waterproof cameras priced competitively with disposables. The economies of scale provided by our waterproof models enabled us to offer competitively priced and preloaded, reusable land cameras. Our new waterproof digital cameras and MP3 players continue this leadership role in developing unique, low cost, high quality Sports products.

All products are developed by our design team and monitored through the production process. We thoroughly test all products before releasing to market and continue extensive QC control through production cycles. Our waterproof products are each tested for water seal at factory prior to shipping. Land products are also individually tested for functionality at factory prior to shipment.

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Snap Sights Dive Daylight Re-Usable Underwater Camera Snap Sights Dive Daylight Re-Usable Underwater Camera
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Snap Sights Accessory Bag Snap Sights Accessory Bag
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Snap Sights Dive Daylight Re-Usable Underwater Camera Reviews

Snap Sights Dive Daylight Re-Usable Underwater Camera Reviews

Reviewer: Abigail G. on 6/26/2007

Snap Sights Dive Daylight Camera - Well packaged, and it comes with very detailed instructions for loading and unloading the film. Havent had a chance to actually take photos with it, unfortunately.

Dive Daylight Re-Usable Underwater Camera

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