Shark Shield

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Shark Shield

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Shark Shield is an electronic shark deterrent that allows both water sport professionals and recreational users to enjoy their chosen vocation with a new dimension - safety and peace of mind - for themselves, their families and employers/supervisors.

Shark Shield creates a unique protective electrical field around the user, which is detected through receptors located on the snouts of sharks. The field causes intense discomfort to the shark, resulting in them leaving the area.

This technology does not affect any other marine life. It has no known harmful effects on the wearer or the shark.

Shark Shield™ products currently provide protection from sharks for professional and recreational divers, snorkelers, swimmers, surfers, spearfishers, kayakers, boat owners, commercial fishermen, as well as emergency, police and military personnel around the world.

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Shark Shield Freedom 7 Shark Shield Freedom 7
Shark Shield Freedom 7
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Shark Shield Scuba Gear Reviews

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Shark Shield Freedom 7 Reviews

Shark Shield Freedom 7 Reviews

Reviewer:Christopher Taitingfongon7/30/2009

Shark Shield 7 - I am still not quite sure about this. Everwhere that I have read claims it to be the best thing. I can say that I have used this about 7 times now and I have only encountered one small white tip shark but was by the time I got into the water it was already gone. So I guess I can say that it does work(cause I have not seen a shark near me). We have a lot of different sharks here in Kwajalein Atoll. Hopefully when I get into deeper waters I will be able to test it better. No drag & compfortable! After a while I do not realize that it is there. Have not got it tangled either! But it surely has boosted my confidence in the waters!!

Freedom 7

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