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Sea Breathe

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Sea Breathe

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Sea Breathe specializes in "hookah style" underwater breathing equipment, providing an alternative to heavy scuba tanks and cumbersome gear. For recreational divers and snorkelers, a Sea Breathe hookah system can provide the ease and freedom to make for a relatively care-free diving experience. Ditch the gear and grab a Sea Breathe "electric snorkel."See more  

Sea Breathe

Sea Breathe is a safe, dependable surface air supply for commercial divers and recreational divers who want the freedom of air supplied diving wtih the convenience of snorkeling. Hookah dive without heavy tanks and cumbersome scuba equipment.

Power dive with ease using a deck unit, or roam the waters connected to a floating unit. Floating and deck units come in one-diver and two-diver designs. Sea Breathe is the natural choice for recreational divers and snorkelers, or commercial divers and boat owners who need quick, easy access to shallow depths, for boat repair, shell fishing or just for fun.

Sea Breathe surface air supplied diving units are compact and lightweight: a single diver deck unit weighs only 25 lbs. Sea Breathe air supply systems are small, but powerful compressors powered by a 12-volt boat battery or auxiliary battery.

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Sea Breathe Two Diver Floating Unit Hookah Sea Breathe Two Diver Floating Unit Hookah
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Sea Breathe 12-Volt Surface Air Supply Hookah Sea Breathe 12-Volt Surface Air Supply Hookah
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Sea Breathe 12-Volt Surface Air Supply Double Hookah Sea Breathe 12-Volt Surface Air Supply Double Hookah
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Sea Breathe Scuba Gear Reviews

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Sea Breathe 12-Volt Surface Air Supply Double Hookah Reviews

Sea Breathe 12-Volt Surface Air Supply Double Hookah Reviews

Reviewer: Nelson Schulman on 11/14/2012

Sea Breathe 12-Volt Surface Air Supply Double Diving Hookah - a great find! - dear friends(boaters/divers), i would like to share my happy experience and thoughts regarding a really fine product. the sea breathe 12-volt surface air supply double diving hookah, is idea for many applications and uses. the kit i purchased is a compact and complete solution, hand made and assembled with the highest grade components. minimum maintenance, yet ready for work and fun with no fuss! i look forward to many many years of its *utility. all best, nelson schulman aspen c90-18 songways, seattle wa *u·til·i·ty/yo͞oˈtilətē/ noun: the state of being useful, profit-able, or beneficial.

12-Volt Surface Air Supply Double Hookah

Sea Breathe 12-Volt Surface Air Supply Hookah Reviews

Sea Breathe 12-Volt Surface Air Supply Hookah Reviews

Reviewer: raymond hartman on 11/27/2009

excellant dive gear - this gear has performed as I had hoped for. I snorkel in the florida keys. I rigged the sea breath to a dive float. It was great to be able to dive and not holding my breath. I never missed any lobster, was able to stay down to get the best pictures. The onl change I made was to shift the punp in the box to one side to make room for a self contained battery. I tell everyone it was the best buy I have ever made.

12-Volt Surface Air Supply Hookah

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