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PROMATE is known for designing, manufacturing and distributing state-of-the-art diving equipment. We make it easier and more enjoyable for you to learn and enjoy diving with our quality equipment that fits and looks great. We at PROMATE are committed to providing you with 100% customer satisfaction.

For many divers, the dive itself is like a hike through the woods. The clicking and snapping sounds of the reef bring an awareness of another world that only a few of us can ever experience. One anticipates new experiences before taking that plunge into the deep inner space of the ocean, and for that reason, every dive becomes a unique adventure. Indeed, scuba diving is an enjoyable sport that brings you to another world where one is treated to seeing unique sea life.

PROMATE is proud to present you with our series of quality scuba -diving and snorkeling equipment to help you to fully enjoy and explore the underwater world.

PROMATE offers impeccable products with solid workmanship using the latest in advanced technology for both Professional and Sport divers.

We at PROMATE stand behind our quality products that ensure memorable and enjoyable diving experiences for all our clients.

Because our mission is to PROMATE diving as a universal sport for everyone to enjoy, we are especially committed to those that may think that diving is an impossible sport for them to learn.

We are confident that our products will bring you lasting satisfaction and continued enjoyment in the years ahead!

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Promate Titanium Folding BC Knife Promate Titanium Folding BC Knife
Starting at
Promate Fire Glow Beacon Promate Fire Glow Beacon
Starting at
Promate Adjustable Lanyard Promate Adjustable Lanyard
Starting at
Promate 140 Piece Viton O-Ring Kit For Nitrox Promate 140 Piece Viton O-Ring Kit For Nitrox
Starting at
Promate Regulator Swivel Adapter Promate Regulator Swivel Adapter
Starting at
Promate Large Writing Slate Promate Large Writing Slate
Starting at

Promate Scuba Gear Reviews

Image Product Rating

Promate Adjustable Lanyard Reviews

Promate Adjustable Lanyard Reviews

Reviewer: Charles Brodsky on 7/8/2012

Adjutable Divers Lanyard: - With the Investment in a good Quality Divers Knife, you need to be able not to Loose it when you pull it out of its sheath. For eg. if you happen to pull out your knife for what ever the reason like a predator that is too close for your comfort ( invading your personal space) & you need to scare Him/Her off you can always punch it in the snout, where all their most sensitive nerves are or jab it w/ you Knife to scare them OFF & let them know that you are not an easy Meal! The Adjustable Divers Lanyard is a Great investment, it is @ a Great price $ that easily fits around your wrist, that you can adjust for a tight Fit so when you pull out your Divers Knife and you most certainly dont want... View Full Review

Adjustable Lanyard

Promate Titanium Folding BC Knife Reviews

Promate Titanium Folding BC Knife Reviews

Reviewer: KATHY E. on 7/10/2014

Great knife for the price - This is my second of these knives. Unfortunately, my first one was stolen from a checked bag by TSA or an airline employee. You cant beat the price for a Titanium knife! the size is perfect for a bc pocket so you can just put it in there & its there when you need it!

Titanium Folding BC Knife

Promate Fire Glow Beacon Reviews

Promate Fire Glow Beacon Reviews

Reviewer: Thomas C. on 10/20/2013

Nice Tank Light - This is a great little light for night dives. Very helpful for identifying your buddy in a crowd of fellow divers. I picked the yellow version and it works well even in limited visibility conditions. Tie it to your regulator with slack and it will float up for added visibility.

Fire Glow Beacon

Promate Large Writing Slate Reviews

Promate Large Writing Slate Reviews

Reviewer: Anthony Walker on 4/22/2014

Slate - Great product. Used it well on vacation in Jamaica. Clipped great to my BC and plenty of space to write on.

Large Writing Slate

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