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Omni Swivel Gas Switching Block
Omni Swivel Gas Switching Block

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Omni Swivel Aga Hose Swivel.
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Omni Swivel Scuba Gear Reviews

Omni Swivel Regulator Omniswivel Reviews
Regulator Omniswivel
Great for streamlining and reducing jaw fatigue - I got this idea from a friend of mine whom had a Sherwood Maximus Regulator. It has a 120 angle that allowed him to loop the LP hose from his 2nd stage to his 1st stage under his right arm. I hooked up the Omniswivel in a similar fashion to my S600 The Omniswivel is even better than a fixed bend like my friends Maximus, as the hose is free too move in any direction, thus decreasing strain on...

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Omni Swivel Aga Hose Swivel. Reviews
Aga Hose Swivel.
AGA Omni swivel - Very well made unit compaired to the standard swivels on the market for 2nd stages. However it will only fit the AGA mask regulator and the posidon odin second stage.This swivel is a must for divers using the AGA in commercial surface supply work and confined spaces. The AGA full face mask is light weight and has a great fit. Its makes a simple replacement for helmets and band masks on small...

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Omni Swivel Omni Swivel for Poseidon Extreme Regulators. Reviews
Omni Swivel for Poseidon Extreme Regulators.
Omni Swivel for Poseidon Extreme Regulators. - I purchased it for a Poseidon Xtreme that I was attaching to the BOV for my OptimaFX Rebreather. It allows full movement and flexibility.It is an extraordinary piece of kit.
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