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Ocean Technology Mantis Full Face Mask Reviews
Mantis Full Face Mask
It saved my certification - I would not have got certified as an open water diver without this new facemask. I have a deviated septum and could not clear a regular mask, underwater, under pressure. This mask lets me clear it with just my mouth or the purge on the regulator. I dove this mask just recently in Maui, HI. to 100 and it performed just perfect. It is comfortable and super easy to see out of. I would recommend...

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Ocean Technology Surface Air Valve Reviews
Surface Air Valve
OTS Surface Air Valve, $$$ but perhaps worth it for the convience - The OTS Surface Air Valve is not a necessity, but it sure does make life a lot easier. The first month or so, I used the Mantis without the air valve. Without the valve, upon surfacing, you just have to loosen the two lower straps on the face mask to break the seal to allow ambient air in. Not really a problem, but you do need to stay calm and have 2 hands available to do this. With the...

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Ocean Technology Buddy Phone Interspiro Aga Full-Face Mask Reviews
Buddy Phone Interspiro Aga Full-Face Mask
Buddy Phone - These worked great for us (bought 4) and I would definately recommend them. Simple and easy to use! James
Ocean Technology XT-100 Buddy Phone Reviews
XT-100 Buddy Phone
lots of fun - its really fun when you use the buddy phone with your friends and students. i really enjoyed it alot. i recommend it for every diver (Profesional and Beginner). enjoy your jokes and everything while underwater.
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