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Liquid Image

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Liquid Image Co® is a California based company founded in 2002 that has evolved into a leading Action Camera manufacturer with a focus on Sport Tech and Wireless Electronic Products. The headquarter office is in Santa Rosa, California with sales, logistic, production, and procurement offices in Hong Kong and China as well as distribution in over 100 countries and in multiple sales channels. With over 150 products and 35 Action Cameras in the Xtreme Sport Cams™ division, Liquid Image has the largest selection of hands free Action Cameras and accessories on the market. The line started with Scuba Diving, Snow Sports and Motocross and now encompasses virtually all other sports. Not only does Liquid Image have the smallest mountable wireless Action Cameras available, the company is the innovator and manufacturer of the Camera Mask and the Camera Goggle line which are sports masks and goggles with integrated 1080P HD camera technology, wind guard sound quality, and wireless capabilities. The camera lens is positioned just above the eyes to capture the True POV™ videos while on the go.

Liquid Image products have been honored for design and functionality by the CEA organization multiple times. The streamlined and ergonomically designed sports equipment created by Liquid Image offers technology that is both easy to use and beneficial to athletic performance all at an affordable retail price point. The products range from low priced models that appeal to vacationing families up to higher level models for photographers, athletes and the savvy tech consumer. The newest 2012 models feature Wi-Fi technology embedded into the goggles and mountable action cameras. Liquid Image announced the first Wi-Fi equipped mountable Action Camera in January which has a variety of applications including car racing, kayaking, surfing and other sports.

Liquid Image began manufacturing consumer goods in 2002 and transitioned into a Sport Tech Company in 2008 with the first ever Camera Mask. Liquid Image holds intellectual property in multiple product categories. Former divisions of Liquid Image included award winning toys and games that won industry and independent awards in 2005 and 2006, including the coveted Toy of the Year. Currently, Liquid Image has employees in the US, Hong Kong and China and is growing fast by partnering with leading distributors throughout the world to oversee distribution in more than 10 sales channels. Liquid Image’s product range can be found in specialty stores, ecommerce sites and in mass merchandisers. Liquid Image products have a unique appeal that lands worldwide press coverage in magazines, newspapers and even international television coverage. Highlights of Liquid Image’s press include multiple airings on the BBC, CNN, the NY Times, and more.

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Liquid Image Explorer Series Mask with 8.0 MP Digital Underwater Camera Liquid Image Explorer Series Mask with 8.0 MP Digital Underwater Camera
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Liquid Image Video Filter Pak Liquid Image Video Filter Pak
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Liquid Image Deluxe Camera Bag Liquid Image Deluxe Camera Bag
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