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IST Double Hose Retainer Clip Reviews
Double Hose Retainer Clip
These clips are great. - when we boat dive, its far easier to clip our bcs off to a floating line in the water, put on our drysuits, mask, and fins on deck, and then finish suiting up in the water. one problem that arises sometimes is that regulator hoses, computer hoses, or drysuit inflator hoses can end up tucked in behind your back or under your cumberbund. i put one clip on a d-ring on the lower part of each of my...

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IST Sea Diver Snorkel Fins Reviews
Sea Diver Snorkel Fins
John Hochreiter
IST Sea Diver Snorkel Fins - Simple and straight forward set of fins. We purchased them because they were shorter and easier to carry in luggage. They proved to be everything that we needed even in some high current conditions. They were a little stiff and would advise using a sock inside the foot bed. I would definitely purchase them again.
IST Classic Round Mask Reviews
Classic Round Mask
Keith Jenkin
Like the old days . . . see it all! - Ive had many masks over the years (including some very high-dollar ones) and this mask reminded me of one as a kid. You can see a huge field of view in binocular vision. Thats because there is nothing between your eyes except your nose! Objects off-center and below are seen with both eyes instead of peeping with one only eye at things not right in front. When the contemporary goggle-style masks...

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IST 18´´ Brass Hard Hat / Dive Helmet Reviews
18´´ Brass Hard Hat / Dive Helmet
Exactly what I expected - This product was exactly as I had expected. It is a quality piece and the shipping was prompt. Ive ordered a few thousand dollars worth of products from and have yet to be dissappointed. You are a great and very convenient source of supply.
IST Diver´s Holster Reviews
Diver´s Holster
James W.
Extra "Pockets"! - This product works GREAT! Its easy to put on, easy to take off and the two thigh pockets are big, enough and easy enought to use, to hold a spare mask, reel, slate, light or just about any other relatively small piece of gear that there just doesnt seem to be a place for. Ive shown it to several dive buddies and we basically all just go "Why didnt I think of this??". Great product at a...

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IST Full Face Mask - Silicone Reviews
Full Face Mask - Silicone
Fábio Mamoru Ogawa
Good - Good mask. To fix the regulator is a bit tricky, and it should have different sizes for different face sizes. Otherwise its a good product.
IST 2-In-1 L.E.D. Strobe Light Reviews
2-In-1 L.E.D. Strobe Light
NOT SO GOOD - Unfortunatelly this product offered a quallity resistance wich did not have a 100 ft. deep
IST Slate with Clip Reviews
Slate with Clip
Geoffrey Rand
IST Slate With Clip - Simple, no frills slate. Its a little wide for my tastes. Ill probably trim it down some. It works.
IST Octopus Holder Reviews
Octopus Holder
Ahmad Aizad
Good holder - Holds my octopus perfectly!
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