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Ideations, Inc. specializes in innovative safety equipment to make sure scuba divers are always taken care of. Whether manufacturing noise generators like the Dive Alert and its various models, or inflatable dive markers like the SMB, Ideations is focused on protecting divers and offering easy solutions to sometimes dangerous situations. See more  


Ideations, Inc. is a Seattle, Washington based company with only a few, key products that get all their attention. With a focus on safety and ease-of-use, Ideations created the Dive Alert. The Dive Alert was specifically designed to be a small, light weight pneumatic signaling device that uses quick-connect/disconnect hose couplings to became an integrated part of a power inflator.

The DiveAlert uses a small amount of air from your SCUBA tank to make a piercingly loud sound in air or water. In conditions where visiblity is limited, a DiveAlert or DiveAlertPlus can be a life saver. It's even possible to sound underwater, as well.

Ideations SMB inflatable dive markers provide a passive method of signalling, meaning you can set one up and go back to diving, secure in knowing that any passing boat will know a diver is nearby.

Ideations (and DiveAlert) are laser-focused on the newest methods of safe diving, and create must-have products that belong in any diver's bag. See less  

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Ideations Surface & Underwater Air Horn Dive Alert Plus V.2 Ideations Surface & Underwater Air Horn Dive Alert Plus V.2

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Ideations Dive Alert Ideations Dive Alert

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Ideations Scuba Gear Reviews

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Ideations Dive Alert Reviews

Ideations Dive Alert Reviews

Reviewer: Scott Michael on 1/22/2009

Hope I never need it but... - I had one of these for my old inflator. When I switched to a ScubaPro Air2, I decided to upgrade to a Dive Alert Plus with a Type III connector. You can read my negative review of that device elsewhere. I returned it and purchased a standard Dive Alert with a type III connector. Just remember to always rinse it out after using it in salt water and when you blow the water out of it after rinsing, PLEASE for the sake of your ears and those around you, keep your palm over the bell of the horn. I accidentally hit it before a dive in St. Lucia last month and my ears are still ringing.

Dive Alert

Ideations Surface & Underwater Air Horn Dive Alert Plus V.2 Reviews

Ideations Surface & Underwater Air Horn Dive Alert Plus V.2 Reviews

Reviewer: R Timothy Fitzner on 2/17/2014

Horn review - Works just fine. No problems at all. Puts a small bulge/loop in my air hose but does not interfere. Happy with the purchase. A breeze to install. Easy to remove too. Used it many times underwater. distinctive sound. My brother found it very useful as no one else had it, found it helpful to localize me when I used it. Hope to never have to use it above water.

Surface & Underwater Air Horn Dive Alert Plus V.2

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