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Highland 10 foot Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) Reviews
10 foot Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)
Size does matter! SURFACE MARKER BUOY - While diving, anything can happen- current changes, storms, waves, etc. At night its even worse! On Feb. 26, 2015 while in Cozumel, an unusual cold front brought in all of the above. March can be unpredictable in Cozumel. We went down with good weather only to surface with 5-6 waves and the boat no where to be found! PADIs new rules for divers to carry a SMB hadnt made it to any of the 7 other...

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Highland Regulator Necklace Reviews
Regulator Necklace
Something so simple, yet so great - Just returned from a diving trip to the BVI so finally got a chance to try this regulator necklace for the first time (had never used one before). Now when I am getting ready, my regulator is not loose and flopping around. Also, when in the water, it is not unusual for my buddy and I to snorkel to to our dive spot at the beginning of the dive and back to the boat at the end of the dive. When...

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Highland 100 LB. Lift Bag Reviews
100 LB. Lift Bag
It is a Highland What can I say.... - The name says it all to be honest. As with every Highland product I have ever used this lift bag exceeds my expectations. The bag is high quality and made from very durable materials. I do not think I will be blowing any seams like some of the cheaper ones I have tried. I doubt you can find a lift bag of higher quality. There are less expensive bags on the market but in most cases you pay...

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Highland Gauge Adaptor for Spare Air Reviews
Gauge Adaptor for Spare Air
not the best fit - I bought 2 of these for the Spare Air. They fit alright, but they are lose and I had to install tape on the threads (which isnt the best solution) to make it work. This defeats the purpose of the installed Oring that comes with it. The fitting will leak excessively unless you install tape to make up for the looseness of it (even though I tightened it down as much as possible).
Highland 2.0in Webbing Stainless Steel Three Bar Slide Reviews
2.0in Webbing Stainless Steel Three Bar Slide
dos what it should - nothing much to say, its ok. price is fine
Highland Cylinder / Tank Bands (Pair) Reviews
Cylinder / Tank Bands (Pair)
Great quality bands - Ive seen other bands have some warpand rippling from the manufacturing process. These are clean and true right outof the box. Very stout construction. Will last as long as the steel tanks theyre bolted to.
Highland Stainless Steel Billy Ring Reviews
Stainless Steel Billy Ring
who could use an extra ring? - Extra rings make it easy to bring all that equipment you want to have along. Pony bottle, spool, saftey sausage, banger....

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Highland Stainless Steel Double-Ender Bolt Clip Reviews
Stainless Steel Double-Ender Bolt Clip
Did the job - Cheaper than most of the other brands offered and did what they were designed to do, but with regular exposure to salt water expect them to get stiff and require replacement every 1-2 years.
Highland Swivel Bolt Clip Reviews
Swivel Bolt Clip
Functional - What else can you say...

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Highland Mini Tech Metric Pressure Gauge Reviews
Mini Tech Metric Pressure Gauge
very handy - Exactly as expected...a very handy little item. I just put it on the first stage I use with my gas analyzer, and it works like a charm.
Highland Bungee Mount Compass Reviews
Bungee Mount Compass
Great Compass - Used it for a weeks diving in Dominica and in the local quarries since then and love it. Having it mounted on my wrist for easy reading is a great thing compared to the one mounted on my computer console. They both work the same but location location location.
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