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H20 manufactures and distributes high quality adventure gear for diving and surfing markets. H20 supplies operations across the globe, always making new product breakthroughs in the categories of octos/spare air, gloves, masks, surfing gear, and even underwater sports equipment. H20 knows water. See more  


America's first choice for redundant breathing systems, H2Odyssey has been supplying the diving industry since 1986 and has built a solid reputation. In 2003, the Extra Air Source 1 was invented. Technical divers were the first to see the advantages of how the compact system could be used for their dry suit inflation systems. Today the system has evolved into the Extra Air Source 2 with an on/off valve and the Redundant Air System.

For their wet suits, H20's new suits are made from 100% UltraStretch neoprene for unparalleled comfort and performance! They feature Smoothskin neck, wrist, and ankle seals along with liquid seams.

H2O has been on the bodyboarding, surfing and swimming scene for years with webbed gloves, bodyboard fins, and excellent cold water gear: neoprene hoods, boots & split toe boots.

H2O gear is quality gear at an honest price.See less  

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Featured Products by H2O

H2O Alpha 2 Purge Mask
H2O Alpha 2 Purge Mask
H2O Rhino Double Braided Regulator Hose
H2O Rhino Double Braided Regulator Hose
H2O Flipper Rubber Full Foot Snorkel Fins
H2O Flipper Rubber Full Foot Snorkel Fins

H2O Scuba Gear Reviews

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H2O Magna 2mm Webbed Surf Gloves Reviews

H2O Magna 2mm Webbed Surf Gloves Reviews

Reviewer: Kellie V. on 8/20/2007

H2O Magna 2mm Webbed Gloves - These are absolutely wonderful for snorkeling or diving. They make it almost effortless to maneuver through almost all currents of water! They are also thin and flexible enough for you to be able to pick up or move objects or even operate an underwater camera. We have bought 3 pairs so far and recommend them to all our friends.

Magna 2mm Webbed Surf Gloves

H2O 2mm Max Lycra Backed Webbed Surf Gloves Reviews

H2O 2mm Max Lycra Backed Webbed Surf Gloves Reviews

Reviewer: Don T. on 6/22/2007

These gloves work great! - these gloves were perfect for the snorkeling i did in Honduras this year. they gave me that extra pull i wanted but also allowed me to use my fingers when i needed to. theyre light weight and fully protected my fingers against any coral or rocks i encountered. the only tricky thing with them is getting them on and off when theyre wet. they fit so nicely they dont want to let go of my hands.

2mm Max Lycra Backed Webbed Surf Gloves

H2O Alpha 2 Mask Reviews

H2O Alpha 2 Mask Reviews

Reviewer: Christine O´Byrne on 11/11/2012

Great mask for a guy with glasses and a moustache! - I wanted to find the perfect mask for my husband, who has a strong lens prescription and also has a moustache. It took a while, but after reading the other reviews about this mask, it was the one I decided to try. I ordered the purge valve version, which only comes with the clear mask, because thats what the guys with moustaches were liking. My husband had never snorkeled before and I wanted him to have a positive experience. This mask did the job perfect! My husband even commented that he could see better with the masks prescription lenses than with his glasses, and joked that he would wear the mask to do his computer work. No leaking to speak of, and if there is a little then the... View Full Review

Alpha 2 Mask

H2O Snorkel Keeper Silicone Reviews

H2O Snorkel Keeper Silicone Reviews

Reviewer: Brian G. on 8/13/2007

Works... - My girlfriend purchased one of these from our local dive shop after a passer-by stepped on her snorkel, causing the plastic snorkel clip to snap. Of course, there are no worries of rubber snorkel keepers snapping, but the tendency of sticking while sliding the snorkel through the tight openings makes it somewhat difficult for slight adjustments and quick separations. On the other hand, I entirely trust the silicone snorkel keeper to last for years. While I did purchase this one for my save-a-dive kit, my girlfriend purchased hers for under a dollar. There is no visual difference in quality.

Snorkel Keeper Silicone

H2O Pony Bottle Pressure Gauge Reviews

H2O Pony Bottle Pressure Gauge Reviews

Reviewer: Burton Pittler on 3/6/2012

A quality pony bottle pressure guage that wont fit my needs - I am delighted with my SpareAir & after dive jacket that I purchased from you. However when I opened the pony bottle pressure guage, I found out that it will need an special adapter to work on my pony bottle regulator, which was made by Healthhways, but still works well. The problem is, that the pony bottle quage has a new standard high pressure port fitting & the Healthways 1st stage regulator has a high pressure port, but the size of the port is for a low pressur hose. I wanted to replace the Scubapro pressure guage, with a low pressure fitting that is attached to the high pressure port, but I am precluded from doing that with the new guage, unless I can find an adapter with a low... View Full Review

Pony Bottle Pressure Gauge

H2O RAS2 Redundant Pony Bottle System Reviews

H2O RAS2 Redundant Pony Bottle System Reviews

Reviewer: Ryan M. on 11/14/2007

Solid, Safe, Sweet Redundant System - I am using it in the warm waters of hawaii and have found it to be a great redundant air system. I have used it over 100 feet and works like a charm. the predive lever is nice to. I have it w/ the 13 cf and it adds a good amount weight. Whether your buddys shooting photos wondering way off from you or if your into solo diving. This will keep you confident. Only thing is it comes with the fill station adapter. If you have one great but I bought the K valve adapter 40$. I can fill the 13 from my 80. Good luck and safe diving... View Full Review

RAS2 Redundant Pony Bottle System

H2O Torid Pulse Reviews

H2O Torid Pulse Reviews

Reviewer: Rachel Shidler on 3/3/2014

H2O Torid Pulse, The Most fun youll have diving!!! - I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas and it was by far the BEST gift Ive given him yet. We took it out for a spin for the first time this month and absolutely LOVE IT!!! It is the most fun youll have on your dive. It doesnt use much air at all so we played with it througout the dive. The best was on our safety stop. I cant wait to get one for myself so we can battle it out :-) You wont regret this purchase.

Torid Pulse

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