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Genesis 3 Gauge Inline Console with Max Depth Indicator Reviews
3 Gauge Inline Console with Max Depth Indicator
Genesis 3 Gauge Inline Console with Max Depth Indicator Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Look closely at the pressure gauge. The markings are not standard. Each 1000 pounds is divided by just three marks. 750, 500 & 250. Just kind of strange. Love knowing the temperature as I live in Mexico and have an exact wet suit needed temperature now. Compass is great, perfect angle, depth gauge is great and accurate. Would get 5 stars if the pressure gauge markings were normal.
Genesis Wrist Compass Complete Reviews
Wrist Compass Complete
Great piece of equipment - I bought this before my wife and I went to Venice Florida on a shark tooth dive. I already have a compass mounted on my computer console, but I wanted more freedom of movement with my compass. This really fit the bill. This compass is durable with a nice long wrist strap with a built in form of a spring tensioner that adds a very effective touch. I recommend this compass to anyone as a...

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Genesis Used Resource Pro Air/Nitrox Dive Computer Console Reviews
Used Resource Pro Air/Nitrox Dive Computer Console
Great console - the genesis resource pro air/nitrox dive computer console is a great - light - compact dive console and very easy on the budget. i was tired of my old clunky console and large hose mounted computer - and this unit relaced it all with great style and functionality. adding the sherwood supertilt 2 dive compass module into the back slot of the console (it was designed to fit perfectly) rounded out...

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Genesis Power Inflator Reviews
Power Inflator
Power Inflator - Easy to install. Worked wonderfully. So glad I spent this money instead of replacing my favorite BCD
Genesis 3 Gauge Inline Boot Reviews
3 Gauge Inline Boot
3 gauge boot - We bought 2 and we had different brands of gauges for all 6 pieces. Followed the comments from others that bought this boot (heating up the boot in very hot (not boiling) water was the key to success. They are perfect for our diving needs.
Genesis Resource Battery Kit Reviews
Resource Battery Kit
Dont leave home without it - Fresh batteries and a new O-ring just what the doctor ordered. Each year I change all the batteries in my dive watches and comptuers.
Genesis React Pro Download Cable Reviews
React Pro Download Cable
Old product - The cable connecting the dive computer to my laptop is correct but the software was 10 years old! I had to go to the Genesis web site to get the latest software. Even the new software is not intuitive or user friendly. I have not had a chance to download from my new dive computer but manually entering my logged dives from my book is a pain. I guess once I start using the dive computer, maybe...

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