Wreck Diving Course

Wouldn't it be great to be able to dive on History?

Wreck diving is fun and Wreck Diving is an exciting addition to your scuba experience. Wreck Diving has to be done safely for repeated enjoyment. Each time you penetrate a wreck to visit the bridge or galley you must keep in mind, specific safety requirements and practices. This course will teach you how to evaluate a wreck for safe diving, modify your equipment for penetration, wreck mapping and just in case, the ever important emergency procedures

Course Goals:
Develop practical knowledge of wreck diving.
Increase your diving skills.
Underwater Wreck mapping
Wreck penetration
Equipment modification
Safe Wreck Diving
Improve your diving ability and provide additional supervised experience.

Course Requirements:
Be at least 15 years old.
Be an Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent.
Provide all personal diving equipment.

Course Outline:
The course involves one evening in the classroom at Scuba.com, followed a few days later by four open water dives over two days. Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive your Wreck Diving specialty certification card.

In addition to full ocean scuba equipment and two tanks -- all of which may be rented from a Scuba.com Store Location -- you will need a depth gauge, dive compass and bottom timer or dive watch, Underwater light, Underwater reel.

Give us a call for more details and class dates.

The above course description is general in term. There will be variations on the course depending on certification agency.

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