Skin Diving Instructor Course

Want to begin working as a professional in the field, organizing your own courses, issuing certifications and conducting open water skin dives? SDI training will enable you to join as a leadership member and independently conduct skin diving training. Because of the growing popularity of snorkeling and skin diving, this may gain you substantial financial rewards. You can also team-teach with a Instructor, offering the skin diving portion of the Scuba Diver Course.


This is a leadership level certification course designed to train and qualify persons and issue certifications in skin (breath-hold) diving.

The course will make available to individuals; schools, camps, or similar groups Leaders who can effectively teach people to enjoy skin diving with minimal risk.


An active-status Skin Diving Instructor may independently teach the Skin Diving Course and designated specialty courses as skin diving courses and authorize to issue certifications for these. An active-status Skin Diving Instructor may, while being overseen by an active-status Instructor, perform as an assistant during scuba diving courses. If certified as a scuba diver, this may include scuba training activities. An active-status Skin Diving Instructor may independently perform the swimming skills evaluation and teach the Skin Diving portions of the Scuba Diver Course.


General. Meet the requirements applying to all Leadership courses. (See "Policies Applying to Leadership Courses.") Materials. Diver Certification. Certified skin or scuba diver by a recognized agency with a minimum of 25 logged skin dives. Dives shall be varied in environment, depth and activities

The above course description is general in term. There will be variations on the course depending on certification agency.

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