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ACADEMIC sessions begin whenever you're ready to start, dont freak-out, this stuff is easy. You'll be using the most current training materials available. You can choose between the Open Water manual and videos or a CD-ROM presentation. You decide when, where and how you will begin your scuba academics. Whatever your choice, you can begin immediately with home study! Then choose from a variety of schedules to complete your academics with an instructor. You'll have fun in the classroom learning how the information is applied to real diving situations.

POOL sessions can be completed on the weekends or during the week in the evenings, You can choose a schedule that best suits your needs. We use a variety of local swimming pools for your first underwater experience. You'll have fun learning valuable real-world skills that will prepare you for your many diving adventures to come. We supply all the scuba equipment (tanks, regulators, BC's, weights, wetsuits & hoods) for the pool and ocean sessions.

OCEAN DIVES allow you to explore the local coast line. Open Water dives can be done on weekends or weekdays - depending on your course schedule. You need to complete 4 training dives over 2 days for your certification in the most exciting sport in the world.

Flexibility & Choice... they're yours!
Begin your dive adventure today.

With busy work and family schedules, it's important to have lots of options when it comes to your "learn to dive" schedule. At Scuba.com, we're giving you those options. Choose class & pool sessions that fit into your schedule.

Certification dives in the TROPICS...
it's just another option!

Complete your dives in the Bahamas, Mexico, Hawaii or any other tropical destination around the world. All academic and pool sessions are completed before you leave so that on your vacation, all that's left is diving!

What's Needed there will be a direct link at the class sign up page
Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Hood, Dive Boots & Gloves
Student Classroom Educational Materials

The above course description is general in term. There will be variations on the course depending on certification agency.



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