Rescue Diver Course

Nobody wants to be stressed out while diving and certainly none of us want to dive with someone else who is stressed out. The Rescue Diver Class for all of you who want to learn how to avoid stress while diving, how to recognize signs of stress when they do occur, and what to do if you find yourself in a rescue situation because someone has managed not to do the first two things.

This class is a must for all divers, and highly recommended for anyone Open Water certified or above. It involves just two pool sessions and one day in the ocean. And best of all, it's incredibly fun. You get to throw floats, practice towing and calming down stressed-out divers, and searching for and aiding missing divers underwater. You do not need to have First Aid or CPR training to take this class or to receive your Stress & Rescue Diver certification.

At SCUBA.COM, we feel that "Be Prepared" is more than just a Boy Scout's motto, it should be a diver's motto as well.

You and your buddy are suiting up for your first dive of the day. Suddenly a diver pops to the surface 50 feet away and yells, "Help, my buddy's down there and he's not moving, I think there's something wrong!" There's no one else on the beach but you and your buddy. Would you know what to do next?

Do you want to be the best buddy you can be? Do you want to be prepared to lend assistance to a fellow diver and know what to do in an emergency? Then take our Rescue Diver Class. We focus on diving rescue and accident management and prevention, but along the way you will increase your confidence in your own diving and be better able to assist others.

Skills Highlighted in this course:

  • Prevention: Learn to spot potential problems and how to deal with them.
  • First Aid: Marine life injuries, diving maladies, including equipment needed and medical procedures used.
  • Management: How to prepare for an emergency through knowledge and equipment.
  • Equipment: A detailed study of different types of scuba gear.
  • Assists: Procedures and equipment for an emergency assist.
  • Rescue Skills: 12 different rescue scenarios will be taught and practiced.


  • 5 Scuba Dives
  • (2 from the shore & 1 from the boat)


  • PADI Rescue Diver Pak (not included)
  • PADI Rescue Diver Certification


  • Self-rescue and diver stress
  • Dive first aid
  • Emergency management and equipment
  • Swimming and non-swimming assists
  • Panicked diver response
  • Underwater problems
  • Missing diver procedures
  • Surfacing the unconscious diver
  • In water artificial respiration
  • Egress (exits)
  • First aid procedures for pressure related accidents
  • Dive accident scenarios

Equipment Requirements:

  • Dive Knife
  • Signaling Device


Must be at least 12 years old and have completed the Adventure Diver course and the Underwater Navigator course.
You also need to have Emergency First Response Primary and Second Care (CPR and First Aid) training within the past two years, which you can choose to complete during the Rescue Diver course.



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