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Aaron is our “dive any chance I get” instructor. Early morning dives are the best way to kick off the day. He loves to dive in Laguna Beach, diving his favorite spots and seeking out new ones. When the surf picks up he's out there body boarding. Aaron’s interest in the diving world is wide and varied, not only an instructor he is also one of our SCUBA Repair Technicians. Aaron community service includes working with the local youth Scuba program so he can share his skills with tomorrow’s divers to share his passion of the underwater world.

Aaron has dove throught California, Baja California, Mexico and all over the Hawaiian Islands including one of his favorite dives off the Big Island at night with the Giant Manta Rays


 Bob has been a diver since 1980, taking his first class in Puget Sound's chilly waters. He became an instructor in 1993 and a Course Director in 2000 - diving's highest Instructor Rating (in other words he teaches Instructors how to teach). His knowledge on diving and gear is derived from 25 years of working in shops and resorts in various parts of the world and as the Technical Support Director for several major equipment manufacturers. His career choice has led him from the Pacific Northwest's waters to the Caribbean, Florida, California and the South Pacific. His favorite place to dive is in the Coral Atolls of Kwajelein.

Darrick started diving in 1994 and has traveled all over the Americas trying it out. He has been diving in every state but Alaska and some of the stops along the way include The Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, South Pacific, Pacific Northwest, Atlantic Northeast and Southeast and the Red Sea. Darrick has logged over 10,000 dives, ranging in altitude from sea level to 10,000 Feet. Darrick has been a Master Scuba Diver Trainer since 2005, and has trained hundreds of divers in Hawaii. One of his most memorable classes included a glimpse of a tiger shark consuming a whale carcass off the shores of Oahu. Darrick teaches all levels of diving. His young age belies his vast diving experience throughout our great nation. Yes, Darrick has come a long way from that first Rock Quarry dive in Ohio, but he still cherishes his diving adventures in Michigan’s Great Lakes and beyond.
A Platinum Pro 5000 Instructor and resident gadget nut. Jim knows what works with what and more importantly, what doesn't! He says he was certified when the dinosaurs ruled the earth, and in fact, claims to have taught them how to dive. He has dove all over the world, including the kelp forest and Channel Islands of Southern California, every major island in the Hawaiian chain, in Mexico from Socorro Island to Cozumel Island, in the Caribbean including Belize, Bonaire, all three Cayman islands, Honduras, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos. He's dove in Africa, including the Red Sea, Kenya, Tanzania, Malaysia (Sipadan), Thailand, Papua New Guinea and his two favorite dive spots in the world in Western Australia (that's not where the Great Barrier reef is, it's on the other side) Ningaloo reef (with whale sharks) and Rowley Shoals, "because it's blooming out in the middle of nowhere". Jim
Kevin grew up swimming and surfing in Southern California’s chilly Pacific Ocean, so SCUBA was a natural fit for him. In 2012 he earned his Scuba Instructor rating and has spent time working as a professional diver in the warm waters of Florida and the Caribbean. His favorite dives include the deep wrecks off the coast of the Florida Keys. He loves all types of diving but especially enjoys drift dives. Kevin enjoys teaching new divers the correct and safe way to visit the underwater world here in beautiful and kelp forested Southern California. KevinKevin

Reggie comes from a family of divers, including his brother and sister who are also instructors. Reggie is one of the next generation of instructors who doesn't really understand why divers are taught to use dive tables in their classes. "We don't use slide rulers in school anymore - everyone uses computers - why should it be any different with diving?" With over a decade of diving under his weight integrated system his favorite place to dive and play is Cabo San Lucas.



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