First Aid/CPR Course

The life you save might be your own!!!
This is the newest version of our cornerstone CPR/first aid program. This exciting new training course helps divers meet the CPR and first aid training requirements for rescue and higher leadership courses.

Course Goals:
Scene Assessment
Assessing Responsiveness
Activating EMS
Assessing Airway, Breathing, Circulation
Foreign Body Airway Obstruction
Rescue Breathing
One Rescuer CPR
Chain of Survival
Control of Bleeding
Shock Management
Ongoing Assessment
Warning Signs (Illness)
Exposure to Heat
Exposure to Cold
Responsive Injured Patient: Major and Minor Mechanisms of Injury
Emergency Moves


Can be any age. No prior experience required


This course teaches you how to respond when faced with a medical emergency and meets the requirements for the Rescue Diver course.

  • Primary Care: How to perform CPR and control the situation until medical services arrive, aiding those who are bleeding, in shock, are injured, have no heartbeat or aren't breathing
  • Secondary Care: First aid practices to assess injuries, ease pain, and treat those in need
  • Care for Children: Skills specific to aiding children and infants
  • EFR Refresher: Refreshment course for CPR and first aid skills, which should be taken every two years

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