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Drysuit Diver Course

Of the exposure suit types available, the modern dry suit opens the door to comfortable diving in the coolest water - in some instances, you may be warmer diving than top side preparing to dive! Depending on where you are , a dry suit may mean the difference between a long comfortable dive and a short shivering one, or between diving year round versus only a few month in the warm season.

While the dry suit offers the most insulation, it does require you to learn special techniques you don't need with other exposure suits. But these aren't a big deal and most like most dry suit divers, you'll probably have fun learning them. And, the first time you try it, diving without getting wet is pretty cool. Well warm. You know what we mean.

The Dry suit diver course is designed to be an introduction to dry suit diving and help you as a diver to develop the skills, knowledge and techniques necessary for dry suit diving.

Course Overview

The Dry suit diver course covers the knowledge and techniques of dry suit diving including:
· The planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of dry suit diving.
· Proper procedures for buoyancy control.
· Ascent and descent technique training.
· Routine, user-level, preventive maintenance and performance checks on dry suits.

Confined Water Session

· Don and doff a dry suit with aid of another diver.
· Demonstrate the procedure for conducting a buoyancy check while wearing a dry suit.
· Perform a feet first descent, without use of a line.
· Demonstrate neutral buoyancy by hovering for 30 seconds while near the bottom.
· Demonstrate the ability to maintain neutral buoyancy, and near the bottom.
· Demonstrate an ascent rate from the bottom, at a rate no faster than 60 ft/min.
· Remove replace, on the surface, both the scuba unit and weight belt.


· An Open Water Diver, Junior Open Water Diver or equivalent certification.
· Minimum 12 years of age.
· Ability to sign the Medical and Liability release statement.

Cost Includes

· 1 pool session.
· 2 dives in one day.
· Instruction by a Dry Suit Diver Specialty Instructor.

Required Equipment

· Personal gear (mask, snorkel and fins).
· Scuba gear (Regulator, Octo, BCD, weights and tanks, your own or rented).
· Dry suit.


Price $195
Dives 2
Materials PADI Dry Suit Diver Pak - Order Now
Prerequisites Open Water Diver


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The above course description is general in term. There will be variations on the course depending on certification agency.


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