Dive Master Course

The goals of the Divemaster course are to have fun and learn instructor level supervision and teaching techniques.

Module One - Watermanship and Skills Assessment

To assess and provide remedial training in general watermanship, diving skills and rescue skills.
To develop proficiency in dealing with stress-inducing problems.

Module Two - Diving Knowledge Development

Divemaster candidates will study the topics of: dive planning; dive control and management; student supervision; diving physics; diving physiology; equipment; diving skills and environment; and the recreational dive planner.

Module Three - Practical Application

Divemaster candidates will serve as an instructional assistant to a qualified Instructor. The internship requires the Divemaster candidate to take part in several class, pool and open water training sessions.

Because the nature of Divemaster training is so unique and because flexibility is needed, you may complete your training according to your schedule. This means you can START TODAY!

Prerequisites: be 18 years of age with a Rescue Diver certification and have at least 20 logged dives.

Opportunities for the Professional
As a certified Divemaster you may:

  • Supervise and assist with training activities
  • Supervise and assist with non-training activities
  • Be employed by a dive center or resort to help with classes or lead guided dive
  • tours
  • Conduct the Discover Local Diving experience
  • Conduct the Scuba Review Program
  • Supervise the Discover Snorkeling experience and Skin Diver Course

The above course description is general in term. There will be variations on the course depending on certification agency.

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