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Melinda Herndon


Store: Irvine, California

Hometown:  Corona Del Mar, California

Agencies certified with:  PADI, NAUI, LA County

Certifications:  NAUI Instructor

Melinda is an adventure loving human being who has been diving for 26 years. She started when she became jealous when her boyfriend would rant about his diving adventures. She has been happily diving and married ever since...(same guy)

Useless but interesting information about Melinda:

  • How long been SCUBA diving: 26 years
  • Favorite type of SCUBA diving: Atolls
  • Favorite diving location: Sipadan, Malaysia & Rowley Shoals, Australia
  • Favorite sea animal: Manta Rays
  • Places dove: Everywhere
  • Hobbies: Boating, Kids, Friends, Movies, Cooking, Animals, Surfing, Bike Riding, Technology, Triathlons, Orchids, Books and most of all: SCUBA & all things water