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Divers Testimonials on Slingshot

On a recent trip to the Poor Knights Islands, Andrew took a pair of Aqualung Slingshot fins.
Here is what he thought:

SlingshotI must admit I was very sceptical about the claims made by Aqualung about their new fin the Slingshot.

I have tried many fins before, and found many of the high tech models to be lacking in one area or another.  I even spent a whole summer forcing myself to like split fins.  Only to discover that my diving style just isn’t compatible with them.  I loved the feeling of no resistance when using a traditional flutter kick when moving slowly, but became frustrated when facing a mild current.  Then when I wanted to use a frog kick to avoid silting the bottom or inside a wreck, they became all but useless.

I continued to happily recommend split fins to most divers, however I could not and would not state that I liked them for my diving, I accepted that I would belong to the minority of divers who would just have to live with old fashioned blade fins."

" matter the size or strength of the diver, each one has benefited by using this fin"

Slingshot Lifestyle image“As always I am skeptical about new fin ‘technology’ and tend to remain old school when the latest greatest is announced.

However, the new Slingshot fin from Aqua Lung has changed by mind for the first time.

Several of my students have purchased them and used them in class, and I am impressed.

The divers are varied in size and strength, yet all seem to benefit from using the Slingshot fin. During open water session in the Open Water Diver class I get to observe the benefits of new equipment, if there are any benefits, and have observed that no matter the size or strength of the diver, each one has benefited by using this fin.

Also, I have spoken to experience divers and instructors who have used them in real world diving, and, they have one and all praised the Slingshot fin.

I was in Belize from May 23 to May 28th and ran into an instructor that I know very well; and, she said hands down it was the best fin she had ever used. She said the captain of the live aboard she was on, clocked her at 1.5 knots.

Since I was in Belize at the same time, I know the strong surge and currents that were running at the time and it seems that she was able to handle the fining conditions better because of the ability to make adjustments to fit the conditions.

I am buying my Slingshots as soon as I can get to Sea Sports and buy them.“

PADI Instructor

"The Aqua Lung Slingshot fin is CLEARLY superior.."

Slingshot Lifestyle image "Since 1984 I have dove practically every type of fin produced. The Aqua Lung Slingshot fin is CLEARLY superior to anything I have ever strapped on my feet. I tested the Slingshot against every other fin our store carries and not one was even close to the same performance level as the Slingshot.

Any fin will perform well in a swimming pool or light conditions. I put the Slingshot through real world tests in, not only light conditions but heavy currents and high demand towing scenarios.  Split fins (regardless of brand) barely worked at all, no power. My current fins which I thought to be the best I’ve ever kicked fell way short of the Slingshot.

The Slingshot has tremendous power to effort returns and stiffness is adjustable to the situation. Thrust is smooth and consistent all throughout the stroke as opposed to the “stop/start” feeling with all other fins.

As a true skeptic of “gadgets and gizmos” I went into the testing of the Slingshot with a high level of reservation. Those reservations quickly turned to a solid confidence of my new personal fins…The Aqua Lung Slingshot."

Certified Diver – 1984
NAUI Instructor – 1987
NAUI Instructor Trainer - 2006
Dive Shop Manager / Florida


Slingshot image "I don't plan to go back to the Split Fin."

"I am on my way home.  Just finished a week diving in Truk Lagoon with your new Slingshot Fin.  I tried it in 1st and 2nd gear.  I absolutely love the fin.  I loaned them to a customer to try for the end of a dive and I used his split fins which I had been using the same style for a long time.  WOW what a difference.  I don't plan to go back to the Split Fin.  I think I found the next big thing.


"Aqua Lung has a winner"

Slingshot Lifestyle Image“Just a note to tell you that I am impressed with the Slingshot fin and think Aqua Lung has a winner.

…As you know, Joy is a much stronger person than Martha and her kick is definitely stronger as Martha is always fussing for Joy to slow down.  Joy really liked the fins and switched with Martha's split fins.  Joy had to work to keep up with Martha….

I had my first chance to dive the fins off the coast of NC on a spearfishing trip.  On the first dive, I was able to keep up with a 25lb Grouper as he was moving away from me and as he paused to see if I was still in the chase, I was able to put him in my freezer.  We had a small current and I had no trouble getting back to the anchor line.  Also, most of the time I am using the modified frog kick and I really like the power it gives me in this technical diving kick.  It moved me better than any fin with this kick I have tried in the past with the modified frog kick.

As a side note, we have gotten real sloppy with our kicks using the split fins and with the new fins we are going to have to start teaching the way we used to about fin kicks…There is a lot more resistance with the Slingshot, but the payoff is pure power with just a little more effort.

Glad to have Aqua Lung back in the fin business.


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