Cobalt Guide: Simulation Menu

The Simulation Menu is the central location for Cobalt's Dive Planning features.
From here you can plan dives, including multiple dive series, save and view previously saved simulations, predict gas consumption on dives, and generate RGBM decompression tables.

Move your cursor over the screen for an explanation of the options.

The starting decompression status for Simulated dives can be based on either your current decompression status or, if you are simulating a repetitive dive series, on a previously saved simulated dive. In either case, additional surface time can be entered on the Simulation Menu screen.

Click (use SELECT on the Cobalt computer) the Current Deco Status field to see the submenu.
Enter the desired additional surface interval after the last dive. This sets the decompression status at the beginning of the next simulated dive.
Set Up Simulation leads to a series of screens where you can chage parameters for the simulated dives, including risk level, altitude, breathing rate (for predicting gas consumption), and gas mixes used.

Click this menu item to go to the Simulation Setup screens.
Start Simulation takes you to the screen where you input your intended dive profile.

Click to view this screen.
View saved Simulated dive profiles.

Click to view this screen.
Selecting this item will clear the saved dive simulations from memory.