Cobalt Guide: Set Up Simulation

The Simulation Setup screen enables you to set the gas consumption rate, the risk level for the algorithm, and an altitude range, if you want the simulation to be based on other than the current surface pressure.

Settings in the simulation setup apply only to the simulator, and do not change any settings used for actual diving.

Gas consumption rate (in CF or liters per minute, depending on preferences) will be used by the simulator to estimate gas usage.

Risk Level adjusts the conservatism of hte algorithm.

Change altitude settings only if you want the simulation based on other than your current altitude. The Cobalt Computer's pressure sensor will base calculations on current atmospheric pressure if Current Altitude is selected.

Selecting the Gas Mixes button will allow you to set up alternate or multiple EAN mixes for use in the simulator, selecting the Switch Alerts button will allow you to program gas switches for simulated dives.