Cobalt Guide:Settings Menu

The Settings Menu is the "Control Center" of your Cobalt computer.

Move your cursor over the menu items to see a brief description. Click the menu item to go to the indicated screen.

Time and Date
Screen Brightness
Gas Tank Settings
Sleep Mode
Through the Dive Settings Screen you can set the Risk Level for the decompression algorithm, set the expected exertion level for the dive, and set silent or audible alerts for low gas, depth, or gas switching.
The Preferences Screen is where you set the units (metric or Imperial) you want to use for the Cobalt display, where you set the safety reserve of gas pressure you want to use for gas time remaining calculations, and where you set the frequency of dive data storage for the dive log.

The Personal Info screen is where you enter your name, age, gender, and contact information.

Age and gender are both factors in the decompression calculations.

The Time and Date Screen is where you set the current time as well as the display preferences for time.
The Screen Brightness screen allows you to adjust the screen brightness to match ambient light conditions. Reducing screen brightness in dim light conditions will conserve power.
The Gas/ Tank Settings screens are where you would set or change Nitrox (EAN) mixes, set up alternate breathing mixes if using more than one mix on a dive, and set the Tank size.

Setting the tank size you are using on a dive will allow the Cobalt computer to accurately record your breathing rate, and will improve gas usage prediction.
Clicking Calibrate will bring up a sub-menu with options to calibrate either the Compass or the High Pressure Sensor.
Selecting Sleep Mode places the Cobalt into low-power (sleep) mode.
When in sleep mode pressing the SELECT button will wake the Cobalt computer.