Cobalt Guide: Ready to Dive

The Ready to Dive screen is divided into three sections.

The top section contains calculated values related to time and decompression information.

The center section contains current dive information

The bottom section contains information related to gas mixtures and air pressure.

It is recommended that you always select the Ready to Dive screen before diving. While the Cobalt will automatically activate under pressure, more accurate recording of the first part of the dive will be enabled if you first select the Ready to Dive Screen. Below 4 ft (1 m) depth, the Cobalt will only display the Dive Screen, other screens will not be accessible.

When in the Dive Screen the graphic Compass Display can be turned on by pressing the SELECT button, and and turned off by pressing the BACK button. When the compass display is visible, the SELECT button can be used to set a bearing indicator marker.

Click here to see the display during a dive.