Cobalt Guide:Main Menu

The Main Menu is "home" on the Cobalt Computer.

From any screen, pressing the BACK button repeatedly will return you to this menu.

Move your mouse cursor over the screen to see an explaation of the options. Click on a menu item to go to the named screen.

Planning provides two options via the pop up menu- a No-Stop Time calculator or the Dive Planning/ Simulator screens
Pre-Dive Check
Ready to Dive
Dive Log
system info
The Pre-Dive Check screen shows the alert settings, gas mixtures, and battery status, so you can easily review important information prior to a dive.
The system Information screen displays the user name, software version, and current sensor data.
The Dive Log can store about 600 hours of diving at a 20 second sample storage rate. From this menu item you can search through a list of stored dives and view and step through detailed dive profiles of any stored dive.
The Settings menu item takes you to a menu set where you can access all the functions necessary to set up your Cobalt computer, including setting user preferences for units, risk level, alerts, gas mixtures, and screen brightness.
The Ready to Dive menu item leads directly to the dive screen.

While the Cobalt will begin recording a dive automatically, it is recommended that you enter the dive screen before beginning a dive.